Pookieluv Edit

I seriously HATE the phrase "cool beans". It makes no sense whatsoever! Like what does it even mean?!?! Seriously, cool beans is the worst. And people use it aaaalllll ttthhheeee tttiiimmmmeeee. It's annoying. Can't you just say "cool"? Why do you have to say "beans" afterward? One day there's going to be a little Hispanic kid who's trying to learn English and you're gonna say "cool beans" and the cute little kid is gonna be so confused. IT DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE.

Pseudo-Miracles Edit

Why do people even say "cool beans"? Beans are gross. I don't understand humanity.

Topazriel DreemurrEdit

"Cool Beans."

Honestly, I think beans are cool, they're delicious and they're healthy, but when you use it to describe something that are not beans is just... it's to incomprehensively stupid.

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