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I can't even tell you guys how much I hate advertisements. They're everywhere - you can barely do anything online anymore without an ad popping up in your face. Even as I type, there is an ad playing behind me. Seriously? I spent, like, a whole five minutes creating an awesome background for this awesome website that I made, awesomely. And now there's an ad blocking all my hard work? (Okay it wasn't actually that hard, but still).

But the worst is when you're playing a game and an ad pops up. Are you kidding me?!?! I was just about to beat that level - ugh, you've made me lose.

Apps these days are FULL of ads. The worst possible thing that could possibly happen while you're on an app is when an ad pops up while you're doing something and you try to close it but you accidentally click it and then it takes you to the app store - I just hate it!!!

Ads are on the radio too! I listen to my radio every night, and whenever I'm in the car - it seems like there are more ads than music these days! You'll have thirty commercials, then like two songs, then another thirty commercials. I. Don't. Want. To. Buy. Your. Cleaning. Supplies. I. Just. Want. To. Listen. To. Taylor. Swift. Before. I. Kill. Myself.

Yes? Yes.

Pseudo-Miracles Edit

Luckily, my computer has adblock. Without adblock, I'd have died of annoyance by now. But ads on TV... ugh. I just wanted to watch my freaking Gravity Falls/Steven Universe/whatever I'm watching! Not buy your toy! UGH. ADS. ARE. SATAN. SPAWN. kill the ads pls and thank u

Also, the radio. I just wanted to listen to my freaking music. I don't give a flying frick about your sale. Or your "amazing" new product. All I wanted was some freaking music.

PLEASE KILL THE ADS *while shooting ads*

Finlaydoespotatoes Edit

Like YTW, my laptop has AdBlock. But without it, I would explode of anger! And there are ads on and behind them it says "using adblock is mean :(". YOU THINK I CARE???

Also, on the TV there are always ad-breaks. BUT WHY??? I don't give a crap about your stupid new vacuum cleaner I JUST WANT TO WATCH THE SIMPSONS/SOUTH PARK/FAMILY GUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't need any of those vaccum/limescale adverts. I am a tweenaged boy, not a grown man who works in a castle as a maid and is in serious need of cleaning supplies.

Also, on YouTube. Say I want to watch a smosh video or something. Sometimes, they will show an advert first. I DON'T GIVE A CRAP ABOUT YOUR NEW PERFUME/PHONE/WHATEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I JUST WANNA SEE MY VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mew: Fin, Smosh earns money from those ads. Support them by watching those ads.

TechnologyPookie Edit

Yeah, I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATE advertisements. They are everywhere, TV, the internet, radio, and the APP STORE are COVERED. IN. ADS.

TV Edit

Say, I'm watching Star VS The Forces Of Evil or Total Drama. It has breaks every once in a while. I don't give a sh!t about your new pillow/vaccum cleaner/whatever. I want to watch my show. I don't care what you sell because I'm not a grown woman who works as a maid in serious need of cleaning supplies.

Internet Edit

Yeah, ANNOYING AS HECK. I will watch some Top10Archive, Danger Dolan, TheRichest, Chadtronic, Jacksepticeye, PewDiePie, AdoseofBuckley, LoganCrews, KamSaysWords, The Amazing Athiest, Undertakerfreak1127, Top15s, whatever I normally watch on YouTube. It will show an ad first, usually Covergirl or anything related to makeup (for me, anyway). (i.e: Hey, I'm Jackie Wyers and blahblahblahwords.) I don't give a flying flamingo about your makeup routine, I want to watch some, oh I don't know, STUFF I CARE ABOUT?

Radio Edit

Yep, I'm sitting in the car listening to some 5SOS, Twentyonepilots, etc. And then the latest celebrity gossip coming on. I don't care about what dress Caitlyn Jenner is wearing, what trouble JB got into, and what the latest celeb couple are doing in the bedroom. NOT EVERYONE CARES ABOUT WHAT THE CELEBRITIES ARE DOING. It feels like 100 ads, then like only 2 songs. Really? v_v

App Store Edit



I absolutely freaking hate advertisements. I just want to watch a show I love, and then, a fifteen minute commercial break pops up right when the thrill is on. The commercials are freaking TWO YEARS OLD!!! No one cares about a soap or McDonalds, I just want to watch my freaking show!

YouTube, however, is the absolute worst. I just wanna watch iHasCupquake and some Link and Navi cuteness overload! I just want to watch Top 10 lists! Not watch film trailers! Urgh...

Thingofnothing Edit

Normal ads I can take. Sure I do not normally care what they are advertising but they almost always have a skip button. HORROR MOVIE ads however I hate. I just want to watch a nice, fun video but nooo. It will show me an ad for a horror movie. The current one is Krampus which seems to be about an evil santa thing that is attacking a house all because ONE kid said he hates Christmas. The worst part is the longer it is the less likely I CAN SKIP IT!!!!!! YOUTUBE GIVE ADS ABOUT WHAT PEOPLE WATCH INSTEAD OF RANDOM THINGS!!! I WISH SAFETY MODE WOULD WORK FOR ADS!!

Mew The supercool ! Edit

So, I'm in the middle of watching Pokemon and There's this really interesting part....Suddenly, I see an ad. These ads go on for about 10-15 minutes, totally ruining the show. One thing I like is that they're a really good time to go to the bathroom when I'm watching a really long movie.

YouTube: I wanna watch some good ol' Smosh. An ad pops up before the video. What's worse?! You can't skip them either.

hereby I hate ads.

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