Now, let's focus my anger on "gem owning". IT'S SO FUCKING STUPID. It's just a rock, for an OC, on the internet. And you're not letting anyone else use the gems that you "own". It's. Just. A. Rock. When will you people learn? Sure, I find rare gems for my OCs, that's because I DON'T WANT TO RUN OUT OF GEMS FOR MY OC'S. And unlike others, I help people find gems for their OCs that are rare. WHAT MAKES THE ROCK SO SPECIAL? DO YOU HAVE AFFAIRS WITH SAID ROCK OR SOME SHIT???? Oh Jesus Christ almighty, I never seen something so stupid, besides the Everything Wrong With pads (Even though I was apart of one, I admit I was childish and stupid back then.) on the internet thus far. You "gem owners" know who you fucking are, I bet you do. AND NOW WE HAVE "GEM STEALING". Holy fucking shit, it's about to be 999° now. Okay, so, when someone owns a gem, and someone else uses said gem, that's called gem stealing. It's idiotic. Not to mention, if they use the gem you "own", take it as a damn compliment because they like the gem you "own". Don't get all pissy about it like Chanel Oberlin on cocaine while having massive anger management issues all at once. Also, "gem stealing" is fine, but some are accused to steealing gems, like I was back in October. People said I stole Labradorite. Pff ahahahahahahahahah it's totally not listed on the list of gems on wikipedia! People said I stole Royal Ruby, that, was, a, running, joke. AND THEN, PEOPLE SAID I STOLE TOPAZ. Oh it's totally not on the fucking mohs hardness scale on literally every earth science textbook! People say I stole Moonstone and Sunstone.... Okay that's just pure idiocy. Like holy christ, those two are some of the most common gems for SU OCs. And then people say I stole Coral..... TOTALLY NOT LISTED ON THE WIKIPEDIA LIST OF GEMS! ! ! ! RIGHT??? Next thing you know people are gonna accuse me of stealing Bismuth. Or maybe Flos Ferri, in which I am the only person with a Flos Ferri OC. And as for Bismuth, Bismuth is getting commonly used in SU OCs now, I mean, there's even a theory of it being canon. So, who cares if people "steal gems"? It's just a damn rock. Be happy you're able to have a OC.



I really didn't want MN as an admin again, I didn't want Dom as a admin or a CM, she stole my staff position that I've wanted since I've joined. I didn't want MN as a admin after the drama and him calling me "The boy who cried wolf" type, but "meant SSG" instead. MN, we know you're talking about me, you called me loud, obnoxious, too expressive, and you hate/dislike my art, thank god MN's still a forum moderator. I feel as if Dom should be a patroller, and only a patroller. I wonder what's next, is Aaden (AlexandriteTheCrystalFusion) gonna be a bureaucrat on old fanon???? Because Jinx is so fucking biased about everything they should just make Aaden a fucking admin, like, seriously.


"LMBO" pisses me off so much. I thought since Aaron and Jinx curse so much in Skype they would change the rules and allow us to curse. WHELP, NOPE. Why do we have to butcher "LMAO". It's just laugh my ass off, last time I checked, the word ass is your butt, why do we need to censor the word butt. This is a mini-rant compared to the other ones, but still.


Coming soon to a etherpad near you.

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