MontyDays Edit

Okay, the games, the fanbase, everything about Animal Crossing sucks! First, I'm gonna start off with the fanbase, the fanbase, literally everything about them sucks! They treat their villagers poorly and tease them, they come from TikTok, and they insult Tom Nook! WHAT?! Tom Nook has done everything for them and they are just gonna treat the poor guy like that?! #RUDE, the Animal Crossing fans also worship/stan Raymond and Marshal non-stop! They even complain about having random villagers in their island! Even telling Isabelle to kick them out for false reasons (like dressing inappropriately)! They also make suicide and death memes using the game! Which is not funny at all! And now for the games (excluding New Horizons, Pocket Camp and Amiibo Festival), the graphics are ugly as hell, and the voices sound like robots, and when Isabelle, K.K. Slider or the villagers sing, it just goes like "Mi Wa E Mo I Wa Meh", the villagers have no original nor relatable personality whatsoever, and stuff like that!

That is all I have to say for this rant, thanks for reading.

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