Hey people, have you ever heard about this show? If so, then don't disrespect my opinion. This only for the haters of the show.

Camp Lazlo

I despise this show with a burning passion. What happens when the creator of Rocko's Modern Life and just about the entirety of the team behind SpongeBob meet? They make a show that is "influenced" by SpongeBob about 3 animal kids who don't have anything else to do in their life, so they go summer camp. This show is awful, and I mean awful. It is one of the worst cartoons that I have ever seen in my life. Why did Joe Murray make this show? The characters are f*cking unbearable. Don't get me started on Lazlo himself, he is an a**hole to the entire camp. The animation is full of errors, the plots are bland, and the voice acting is atrocious. Let's go deep into why I despise this show.

The Plot Edit

The plot of the entire show is SO BLAND!!! The plots of the episodes are terrible. One episode is literally about Lazlo wanting to piss after winning a lemonade competition, but Edward won't let him. That episode is an 11-minute bore fest. Another episode is about Raj getting kicked out of the Jelly Bean cabin because he ate all the marshmallows that were stored away. This episode is literally a Raj torture porn episode.

The Characters Edit

Like I said, the characters are extremely unbearable. Lazlo is an a**hole and a jerk, Clam is the show's answer to Max from the Max & Ruby TV show, Raj is a selfish marshmallow fan-tard, Scoutmaster Lumpus does his job poorly, Slinkman is a stupid assistant, and the rest of the characters are forgivable.

The Animation Edit

The animation is at least passable, however though, there are countless animation errors throughout each of the episodes.

The Voice Acting Edit

The voice acting is also unbearable. The characters sound like they're tired most of the time, and at times it sounds out of place.

I give this show a 1.5 out of 10. Too bad Joe Murray made another bad show called Let's Go Luna!.

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