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Honestly, I don't know what the heck is up with it. The people there didn't know the rules anymore just because this user called "Pookiefan" apparently left. They basically use censored swearing, which IS swearing, no matter what. If the wiki didn't allow swearing, they shouldn't allow censored swearing either. When I didn't have an account, I felt calm and relaxed on the wiki. Now, I'm not sure if this wiki is really staying or not. They apparently don't know how to fix the wiki, even though it's their fault about changing when a user left. The administrators could be exactly like Pookiefan, enforcing the rules, and, you know, being an admin. But, no. Also, there's the fact that the admins hardly ever delete unwanted pages.

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Pseudo-Miracles Edit

Agh. I love-hate the CPPW, really. It's underage hell, the staff are all inactive, and Wikiadude exists. The wiki needs fixed, but no! Kitkat is on CPW, Pam is freaking inactive, Whooves is kinda active but rarely does mainspace edits, and FERA was demoted! And nobody knows things that are common knowledge across many other parts of the internet. It be like this.

Me: *talking about something blahblah agender person blahblah*

Person I'm talking to: WATS AN AGENDERR?????

Me: ._. A person who doesn't identify with male or female, and uses they/them pronouns.

Person I'm talking to: I thought it was like both genders or something.

Me: *continues knowing way too much about genders and sexualities* No.... that's a.... damn, I forgot the name.

Seriously people. Learn this shiz.

And hardly anyone knows their memes! It's terrible! :^(

Pookieluv Edit

I am an admin on the wiki. And, as an admin, my job is to enforce the rules. Simple, right? No. Because nobody there cares about the rules. They think that if they break the rules, they instantly become cool and popular. NO. THAT'S NOT HOW IT WORKS. And the worst part? Every time I warn them about breaking rules, they're all like 'It was just a joke, geez loosen up, no one cares about the rules anyway, stop bragging about how you're admin and I'm not, you don't have to ban everyone, stop being so immature.' Seriously? I'm the one immature? Take a look in the mirror for once. Every time a new rule is created, you think it'll be fun to break it. Ha! Well, listen up, CPPW users. This is the last straw. Starting now, I'm not going to take crap from anyone. You get one warning, that's it. The. End.

Aerotron Edit

You know what I hate about the CPPW? DRAMA.

There's so many quitting blogs/threads, so many people I remember gone. In their place are underagers, people who constantly whine about their rights, people who act like absolute jerks and make others feel like less and get nothing done to them. Anyone see anything wrong with that?

Another thing? People don't seem to care much for the articles. Last I checked, there were 102 pages without Categories, and half of everything is/was fanon. Plus, there's some content on some of the pages- and some pages in general- that shouldn't have been on there at all (like "Tummy Pookies". Reread that page and tell me if it's appropriate).

Finlaydoespotatoes2005 Edit

That wiki is dead. Nobody even edits on it anymore. Nowadays, everyone just uses it for stupid roleplays that have NOTHING to do with pookies whatsoever.

DoctorWhooves blocked me for a day because technologypookie acted all innocent and pretended I was the bully. But then, she moved the block to 3 years. LIKE REALLY??? 1 DAY WAS FINE!!!!!!!!

DoctorWhooves Edit

2014 was a great year for this wiki. 4 great admins, 3 great bureaucrats, but then it happened. The admins left. Pookiefan left. Everybody just... Left. It was left for dead before new users came in and the wiki was finally repopulate. I'm so upset. There's only 2 active admins anymore and no bcrats. It's just going to die and everyone knows it.

XxObjectShows4LifexX Edit

Where do I start? To be honest, this is the wiki I go on most often. But I love and hate it on there own ways. First things first. Drama. D-R-A-M-A. All I see is people fighting and screaming and clawing each other's heads off. And yet everyone says, "Oh we're so gonna rebuild this wiki." Guess what? You guys are the reason why we aren't growing! Just. Stop. Drama.

Like Aerotron said, there are a lot of underage people there, people who whine about their rights, people who consider them self "cool" because they've been on the wiki for a long time, and so much more. Take Stealer for example. He's NEVER been on chat for MONTHS, and the last time he came he sat there and did nothing. Then he complained that he wasn't getting any votes for best chat mod and complained that he wasn't admin. Really? Not only that, I'm sick of tired of people saying, "Oh, I've been on this wiki a long time so you guys are all noobs!" Yes, I have said that I've been reading this wiki for a long time, but I still consider that everyone is equal and no one is a noob!

There are so much more. But the next rant is that constant rule breakers. People love to reply to old threads, spam all over the place, (looking at you Stealer and Miron), add Fanon at literally is all over the place, and people who are constantly bullying. Wanna reply to old threads? Make a new one that is the same topic! Wanna spam all over the place? Get out of this wiki and do it somewhere else! Wanna make Fanon or Fanfics? Just go to my wiki (Pookie Fanfiction/Fanon Wiki) and put it there! It's not that hard people!


I don't know much about the wiki, but I do know that the people there are just terrible.

I've heard some stories of the wiki, and I don't want to come back ever again.

XXJillianXX Edit

The people there tried to demote my best friend because she was doing her job well. If you think that's actually okay, then you can go jump off a cliff (jk, don't actually do that)

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