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Alright, so I actually like this meme, but something, and by something I mean SOMEONE made me dislike it. A bit.

The person who made me dislike the meme Edit

I like the meme, but my friend on Google+ Audrey(A Cahoon)was posting Dat Boi memes so freaking much that I was literally flipping my crap at this point. Like, I know that I like the meme, you like the meme, but can you please STOP. JUST STOP. It's not funny anymore. Like, seriously, can you share it with YOURSELF only? I don't need your crappy memes in my feed EVERY FREAKING SECOND. And finally, Audrey's friend - Tanner, commented on one of her meme posts that he's getting freaking annoying by this crap.


If they did not say that, then I'd probably hate this meme. A lot.

But, FINALLY she stopped posting this meme that often.

Story of Dat Boi meme Edit

“Dat Boi”, a colloquial pronunciation of “that boy,” is a phrase associated with various images featuring a 3D character model of a green frog on a unicycle, which are typically accompanied by the captions “here comes dat boi!” and “o shit waddup!”

In July 2014, FunnyJunk user tehbestever posted a photoshopped image identifying a young boy named “Dat Boi” as the “most wanted criminal arrested” as “dat boi”

In June 2015, Tumblr user phalania submitted a post with the message “here come dat boi!!”, followed by a picture of the video game character Pac-Man with the caption “o shit waddup!” . Although the original post was removed, reblogs managed to accumulate over 75,800 notes in the next year.

On February 23rd, 2016, Tumblr user gollypon posted a breaking news parody image featuring Pac-Man along with the caption “Here come dat boi!” (shown below, left).On April 23rd, the Browse Dank Memes Tumblr[2] blog posted a multi-pane comic featuring a scene from 2012 superhero film The Avengers followed by the unicycle frog.

On April 26th, 2016, the tumblr user Browse Dank Memes posted a poorly compressed image of a frog riding a unicycle with the caption “Here comes dat boi!” (shown below, left). On April 29th, Tumblr user casualchriss submitted a photoshopped image of five unicycle riding frogs with the caption “We dem bois!!!!!”.

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