Pookieluv Edit

OMIGOSH. I hate the dress code at my school! It is TOTALLY unfair. Like. TOTALLY. Unfair.

  • Girls can't have pants with holes in them, but boys can
  • Girls can't wear tank tops, but boys can
  • Sandals and flip flops are not allowed, even when it's a hundred degrees out (and it usually is)
  • No shorts that cut above the knee (again, even when it's a hundred degrees)
  • No sunglasses
  • No hats
  • If girls have hair that goes down to their waist, they must keep it up in a ponytail or bun (what the heck kind of rule is this?)
  • No jacket hoods may be worn
  • No leggings
  • No jeggings
  • No "tight pants"
  • No knee-high boots
  • No rain boots (I kind of understand this one, since it doesn't rain here anyway)
  • No jewelry

I guess this is at least better that the old dress code, which was that you could only wear plain clothes that were brown, blue, or green. But still. It sucks.

Mew The supercool ! Edit

Pookieluv thinks the dress code in her school is bad?! Mine is worse. We have to wear uniforms. We have to wear socks and sports shoes all the time. Girls with long hair have to wear pigtails and I hate plaiting my long, beautiful brown hair into braids. We have to also wear ties, which I feel really uncomfortable in. The School sweater is the worst! They make you wear woollen sweaters which poke and are really Uncomfortable to wear.

XxObjectShows4LifexX Edit

I am really thankful I don't have to wear any uniforms at my school. But the dress code is extremely strict. This what we have to do.

  • No tank tops no matter how hot it is.
  • Sunglasses aren't allowed.
  • Shirts can't have any pictures on them.
  • Nothing can have logos on them.
  • Hats can only be worn outside. And the only hats allowed is like baseball hats are whatever.
  • No sandals or flip flops, you must wear tennis shoes or sneakers.
  • You must wear socks.
  • No texture.
  • Everything must be appropriate.
  • Skirts must be longer than your finger tips.
  • Dresses must be below the knee.
  • Shorts can not be short.
  • No leggings of any kind.
  • No rips like a hole in your jeans, even if it is like that.
  • If you get caught breaking dress code you get a slip to be signed by your parents a long with the list of dress code. Then they make you turn your shirt inside out if it has logos and pictures or textures.
  • They make your parents bring clothes to change sometimes.
  • If you wearing a tank top they make you wear a jacket over it, even if it is 105 degrees out.
  • Must wear your P.E uniform at P.E. No exceptions unless you don't have it. So if smells horrible, still have to wear. Have a hole in the shorts? Must wear it.


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