TechnologyPookie (disowned) Edit

TBH. DeviantArt is a scary place.

What this dude does is make fetish art of cartoon characters. Nothing wrong with that? No? Well listen.

The characters he makes art of are usually minors. It disgusts me that people this sick exist.

I found this one art of Kevin from Supernoobs in a diaper holding a Christmas present.

Like can I HELP YOU? KEVIN IS 12. And not only that, this dude is 25. Wooooowwwww.

His art is so gross I cannot show them here. They are inappropriate, for another thing. Like, if you think this is okay, seek professional help.

Afterword (on behalf of the creator)Edit

In July 2017, EC-707 has announced that he will stop making fetish art of underaged minors on DA. This is a good sign. This is according to his former watcher who shall not be named due to safety reasons. Now I will read the statement from one of his former watchers:

  • grabs statement paper*

EC-707 has announced that he will cease making fetish art of minors on DA. This is in comply with the rules of the site. It has been concluded that EC-707 wanted make fetish art in order to gain attention. EC-707 has unreservedly apologize for any offence that he may caused to anyone during his time at DA. One of his former watchers had ordered him to refrain uploading fetish art of minors for good but unfortunately the former watcher's plan is backfired. However, as a result of one of EC-707 former watcher reporting him (who shall not be named due to security and safety reasons), EC-707 has deactivated his DA account.

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