Pseudo-Miracles Edit

Okay, a break from school for a week? AWESOME! Not being able to sleep in because my brain is all set up for school again and wakes me up early? Not so awesome. Why do they give us the goddamn week off when we can't even make up for the SLEEP because our brains make us wake up around school time? I just hate it. Really.

Pookieluv Edit

Fall break. Like seriously, what idiot came up with that idea. I love getting off school and sleeping in and all that, but there's no point. I get that we have Christmas off, but seriously, getting two random days off in October and calling it "Fall Break" doesn't make any sense at all. Especially because it's only two days. So by the time my brain gets used to sleeping in, I have to get it to learn to wake up early again.

TechnologyPookie Edit


Getting two random days off and calling it a 'break' is just STUPID. By the time my brain and body gets used to sleeping in, I HAVE TO GO TO SCHOOL.


Seriously, why do they call it a break when they give us tons of school assignments to work on??

Mew The supercool ! Edit

It's called Dusshera Vacations/Half Term over here.They give us assignments to work on during fall break. How exactly is it a break? It's called "Working from home".

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