Pookieluv Edit

Seriously, they are so annoying. Literally 75% of teenagers these days are fangirls or fanboys (but mostly fangirls). A bunch of people on this wiki are fangirls/fanboys! Seriously though, it is ANNOYING. These people obsess over the stupidest thing! My friend was super upset the whole day just because some stupid tumblr person said that her ship was wrong. LIKE WHO THE FRACK CARES? Shipping is just stupid. You're taking two FICTIONAL characters, and telling everyone how much you think they should be together. I mean, these are ACTORS. FICTIONAL CHARACTERS. None of them are real people. So why do you even care? I mean, let's be real here. I do think a couple people would be cute if they ever got together, but it's not like I go around "OMG I SHIP GTIORESOJGOERJG OMG OMG THEY SHOULD GET TOGETHER TJOIREGSOGO I LOVE THEM THEY ARE ADORBS". Please. Just stop. The rest of us don't give a crap about your ship life. Just shut up for the sake of all good things in the world.

Okay. Moving on. Anyways, one of my friends literally BELIEVES that she will marry her favorite fictional character. "Omg, he is so hot. When he takes off his shirt, omg. We're totally gonna get married." And this girl is only 10. Just shut up and do your homework.

TechnologyPookie Edit

I fangirl over certain characters. I've got Adrien from Miraculous Ladybug and Shope and Kevin from SuperNoobs. But I don't go overboard to the point where I wanna marry them. I'm aware they're fictional characters. But I will not be talking about this however,

I'm talking about the people who go like "Omg look at Justin Bieber!!!!! EEEE HE SO FACIN KYOOTIEEEEE!" I like Melanie Martinez and Breathe Electric but you don't see me wanting to marry them!

NOTE: Pookieluv, your rant offended me. Sorry, but "No one gives a crap about your ship life" made me cringe. Also delete the Picky Eaters page. It offended people. kthx - Tech

FinlayDoesPotatoes2005 Edit

To be honest, I fanboy over some stuff. But I don't say I am gonna marry a character I fanboy over. I hate the fangirls/fanboys that think they are going to marry someone. Sometimes it is a FICTIONAL CHARACTER. Like, seriously? You can't do that.

For example, I think Mable Pines from Gravity Falls is cute but I do NOT wanna marry her. And I like skrillex, but I won't marry hiYeah, I'm a Mettaton fangirl and there's no denying it. I'd honestly die of joy if he were real.


I'm aware that he's not real.

Those who think the character who they fangirl/fanboy over IS real, are the kind that bother me.

It's like this.


Me: Sans is not real.

Person: OMG HE IS REAL AND HES IN MY HOUSE!!!!!!1!111one11!1111

Me: No, he isn't.

And the rabid fans, where do I begin?

A person CAN hate your favorite character. You're just too obsessed.


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