Pookieluv Edit

Luckily, i wear contact lenses most of the time. But in the morning, before I put my lenses in, and at night, after I take them out, I have to wear glasses. UGH I hate glasses, I hate them SO much. First of all, they're ugly. Whenever I need to get a new pair of glasses, I always try to make sure that I get a pair that looks cute. Too bad cute glasses don't exist.

They always slide off your nose too, it sucks. And sometimes they reflect light off of windows and crap and you can't even tell what you're looking at. But the worst is that you can only see out of, like 60 percent of your eye, because even if you get the biggest pair, it's still too small.

I feel bad for people who have to wear glasses all day long. Luckily I only have to wear mine at morning and night, or when I'm at the water, or when my new shipment of contacts haven't come in.

Pseudo-Miracles Edit

I, myself need glasses, and love the way some look. The problem is, there's never a pair that look good on me. My glasses have been broken for a while now, and I'm probably going to have to try on every freaking frame in the store to find a new pair that looks good on me. Agh.

BellatrixTheMagicalPotato Edit

"Glasses are easy to keep" HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Mmne get dirty all the time, they're annoying and expensive. It takes bloody eons to get a checkup at the doctors and get a new pair!


I actually like glasses, they're better than contacts, and the "safer" alternative. However, I hate the fact that they keep slipping off my nose, also, they get foggy often, and even dirty. Other than that, I actually like my glasses.


I wear glasses, and Its fine, But threre Is downsides. I have to have a big clunkmon my face, the fear of being teased by kids calling you 'nerd' when you also have braces and smart/know alot about something you like. I. JUST. WANT. LENSES. Is that too much to ask? I would love to have red contact lenses. I'd look less dorky BUT I HATE THAT I GET ATTACHED TO A FRAME, THEN HAVE TO CHANGE THE FRICKING FRAME AGGH.

XxObjectShows4LifexX Edit

Glasses are actually cute and pretty if you find a nice pair. However, for me, my glasses always give me headaches and without I can't even see a face clearly from across a room. Otherwise thst was just my eyes watery because I have allergies. Oh well. Anyways, glasses are pretty annoying. If I go outside to do a mile run, I come back with mine all smudged. It's like I have to bring my glasses cleaner everyday.


Glasses are my bae. Ever since I wore one, I've been nominated as "Best Looking Female" at school. There are minor downsides, though...

I have to take off my glasses when I swim, and I'm pretty much blind without it. People are also calling me the stereotypical "nerd."

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