Derpy Hooves' ApprenticeEdit


I HATE Go!Animate so much. Ugh, it's a community of crap.

Animation StylesEdit

Don't get me wrong on this one. The Comedy World animations are just a rip-off of Family Guy, but worse. They just look like sloppy, unfinished works of animation. The 3-D animation from that crappy clone called Plotagon is incredibly awful, too. It's a literal lag machine and the models look scrapped. The worst part of them is that how the actions are. Seriously? The jogging and dancing action looks horrid, and how people use angry dancing is absolutely cringeworthy.


So, you know those unoriginal grounded videos that people make? Well, it's shameful. The billions of Caillou Gets Grounded videos are incredibly immense. All the users there basically say, "Oh, I'll just make a crappy, unoriginal grounded video that includes someone so I can be a jerk behind their backs." Seriously? I understand that you hate them, but that doesn't mean you should be a jerk. Oh, and, I saw this video of Calliou apparently peeing on the teacher and his dad....assaults him. And apparently people find that funny. Seriously? It's painful, and I'm sure you wouldn't like it!


The users on there are absolute jerks. Many of them have made grounded videos of other users for absolutely stupid reasons. Why can't you not be a jerk and move on with your life? It's not that hard. And then people defend these users by saying they're innocent. Really? Even if that user bullies someone and th victim tells them to stop and they make an execution video of them? Now, that's just IMMATURE.

FinlayDoesPotatoes2005 Edit

IT COSTS WAY TOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jeez...

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