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Okay, don't rage at me for this, but I HATE Halloween, alongside Trick-or-Treating.

Why? Halloween is some stupid 'holiday' (I wouldn't consider it a holiday because you're barely spending time with relatives or family). It's always freezing cold and whenever I dumped out my candy on the table or the floor, it was mostly like BabyRuth, WonderBar, etc. Y'know, candy I HATE.

So yeah, I HATE Halloween in general.


Don't get me wrong. I love Halloween. I loved trick or treating. But now, it seems people just get lazy during trick or treating. The best decorated house I've seen is an actual haunted thing you walk through and a horror movie playing in the front yard. But the treats are horrible. I get like what, one fresh Twix bar and maybe a melted Kit Kat, and that is all that is good. Everything else is really old, or just really hard candy. I'm pretty sure those people are like, "ok so I found this candy thing way back in the pantry they are all old but who cares give it to the kids.

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