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Hateboys and hategirl ( but most of the time hateboy ) are the words that I use to describe these peoples.

They are typically similar to the fanboys and fangirls but instead of over-loving they over-hate. Let me explain it :

The FNaF Fanboys :

  • They are always talking about FNaF.
  • They see FNaF everywhere.
  • The absolutely want you to play it.
  • They hate others peoples who don't like it.

The FNaF Hateboys :

  • They are always talking about FNaF ( But in a insulting way )
  • They see FNaF everywhere.
  • They absolutely want you to hate it.
  • They hate others peoples who like it.

The hateboys aren't so different from so fanboy, actually they are the dumber than the fans. And they seriously think they are smart !!

The only reason why they are doing this is because they think that people who like FNaF are stupid and cringy and hating FNaF make you intelligent. And of course, the whole Internet must know that they're smart, so they upload c****y videos on YouTube and they're going to hating FNaF everywhere because everyone must know it.

If you don't like FNaF, why do you waste your time to it !? You can just ignore what you don't like. And most of the hateboys doesn't have any real reason to hate the game, they only want to hate it because they think it's make them smart.

I'm not a fan of FNaF, but I respect the creator and the people who like it !!!

And of couI use FNaF as an example but I talk about other hatedom, like Rick and Morty, Undertale, Mary-Sue, DeviantArt...

Also, stop pretending your hating on it because it's "cancerous", this is just another excuse to pretend having good reason to be ranting. And stop with the "respect my opinion" thing, If you can't handle the fact that others peoples like a game or draw a weird fanart on DeviantArt, don't expect your opinion to be handled by others people. Edit

In real life most of the hateboys are obviously EDGY teenagers without real talents who try to prove that they are someone special on Internet.

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