Sofia The Nightguard Edit

Argh! I just.... Hate homework .-. We do the work for about 6 hours straight... THEN they give us more of it for home! WHAT THE HECK!??!?! :(

Finlaydoespotatoes Edit

What the firetruck is the point of homework? We are at school for 5 frickin' days doing work and they give us some MORE to do at home! REALLY???

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XxObjectShows4LifexX Edit

I can understand why teachers give homework. People who are so lazy that teachers can't get through the lesson so they give them homework. But honestly, tons of homework is what I hate. We are only TEENAGERS! We aren't Marie Curie, we aren't Albert Einstein, we are only teens. I don't start homework until 4:00 which is exactly when I get home, and I usually don't finish until 9:00 PM to 12:00 AM. How can I enjoy what it is to be a teenager or spend time with my family, if I'm stuck in my room being forced to do homework?

Pookieluv Edit

I hate how all these teachers are like 'teenagers never have fun anymore, they're always on their phones, when I was your age I saw my friends every day, you need to go out more' and then, five minutes later, they give us an hour of homework. 7 classes. An hour of homework per class. Maybe we would get out more if you didn't give us so much crap to do after school and over the weekend. Make up your minds

Red Flyer Edit

I never get homework often but there is a point for some homework here and there. but doing homework for the whole night is to much!


I actually like homework if it's not much. But when there is too many, I'm bound to crack.

I mean, why would we have extra work if we have racked our brains for eight freaking hours? All we want and need is a bit of rest. Just give it to us, dang it! But what's worst is Math. Math is like a nightmare. It is incredibly time-consuming, and two pages can take an hour worth of time away from me.

Renegade Enchidio Edit

Homework is bad. Awful.

We already get 8 hours of school, and where I live, we're gonna die because of the temperature. And then I'm all, "Time to go visit some friends!" Oh, wait, though. I have 6 hours worth of homework. After that, I only have one more hour to be awake, and I miss all the good stuff like Bob's Burgers and Regular Show and Steven Universe. To top it all off, homework shouldn't exist.

Mew The supercool ! Edit

Since I'm taking board exams this year, the amount of homework has reduced when compared to 7th, 8th and 9th so that I can study. But when I was younger, Oh god no! They would give us hours worth of homework. As a kid, I would understand that it was just to reduce some burden from teachers. But then it started getting worse. It used to take ages to complete the homework. I would start at about 4 pm and end at 9 pm or 10 pm while writing as fast as I could.What's worse? My family would go places and have fun, leaving me behind.And if we don't finish the homework, They give you imposition work, make you finish that day's homework along with today's homework. Maths was the worst. They give you maths homework everyday with MANY sums to do.

My brother is so lucky! When he came to 6th (when the homework pressure increases), they made a homework time table, everyday, he only gets three homework subjects (with one being a reading homework). He has so much fun. That's partiality.

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