Derpy Hooves' ApprenticeEdit

To be honest, why? The characters are suck-ups and freaking ANNOYING. The fact that you're making your characters stupid isn't going to make it more exciting. Besides, it's about somebody who kills people, then apparently kills everyone, then rules world, and FINALLY, the end? Oh, wait. You made a sequel. So what? I don't give a crap about the character who already ruled the world. What are they going to do now? Kill themself? Okay, I'll watch it. OH, WAIT, THE CHARACTERS ARE EVEN MORE STUPID THAN BEFORE. Not only that, but they aren't scary at all. Being unfriended? Okay, that's YOUR business, not mine. I absolutely love how they basically act like it's serious when it is not. Just, why?

Pseudo-Miracles Edit


like, they aren't even scary. just gory. im not too damn bothered by blood and guts, it ain't gonna give me nightmares hun. srsly. read some good creeypastas and get inspired for good shiz horror-movie makers. like rlly pls.

ack. i cant even grammar this bugs me so much.

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