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AGH. Okay. If I had a lot of time, I would tell you guys a bunch of stories, but I don't have that much time, so I'll only tell you one

So, as you guys know, I go to amusement parks a lot. Anyway, there's this one ride, Twisted Colossus, and it's the BEST ride at Magic Mountain. The lines are usually like 2 or 3 hours. So me and my brother are in line, right? And there are like three boys in front of us. Then, two other boys come into line and join the other three boys, so there are five boys now. Then this lady that's right in front of the boys calls over this worker, and she's just like "These boys cut in line", in this annoying voice. And I'm just sitting back here like, seriously? The boys are BEHIND you. Why do you even care?

The boys are like "No we just went to the bathroom we were in this line before", and the worker dude is like "they're allowed to be there". The lady legit gets into a fight with the WORKER. Finally she gave up.

So, a couple hours pass, and finally we're towards the front of the line. There are probably only 20 minutes to go. This is gonna be kinda hard to explain, but I'll try to explain anyway. Even though there were a ton of people still in front of us, we were right next to the track. That's just the way that the line worked for that ride. The car next to us was boarding, and each row in the car has two seats. Well, I guess there was this one lady who was there alone, because the seat next to her was empty. You know the other lady I was talking about, who totally sold out the boys to the worker? She completely ducked under the chains and got into the car just as it was leaving. She did it so fast that the workers didn't even know. As she was leaving, we just kept yelling "hypocrite" at her. She didn't answer.

I hate those people! Am I the only one?

MontyDays Edit

As soon as I've seen Vyonders ranting on Samster5677, I just found out they'd only rant on him just 'cause he makes "Caillou Gets Grounded" videos, but when he does "Dora The Explorer Gets Grounded" videos, they don't see it as much of a problem, despite the fact that both Dora The Explorer and Caillou are minors! VittorioTheVyonder2003 is the biggest offender of this since he says "Caillou Gets Grounded" videos are never tolerated to Vyond but "Dora The Explorer Gets Grounded" are tolerable, this confused me cause I don't even know if the Vyonders are being hypocrites or they just have hypocritical double standards.

Hypocrites make me facepalm 'cause they are stupid.

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