international criminal police the arrest of alex pie rojo


murder crime Vivi Viravento February 6, 2009 and Intellectual Property

. abuse youtube last month may animated trial

pie rojo sure i want justice

guilty crime.

abuse murder Vivi Viravento and


and they also claimed that they adopted a has passed a measure

 to ask interpol to put

red notification

the wanted cartoons alex pie rojo

it should be noted that we say the authorities

International Court of Justice and

Supreme Court of Justice of Colombia

aim with the support of the

interpol pursue and capture these people bring them to justice

judge the for Intellectual Property punishment

for committing acts of terrorism

these charges are really penalized they watch with the maximum corduroy of death

according to the penal code


my signal colombia and astrohouse

and the Colombian judicial authorities

they intend to carry out this prosecution until when the caricatures alex pie rojo

there is no response to stop from the authorities Attorney General of the Republic

the administration

pie rojo eleven children this colombo court order

the government of Colombia

issued these weeks

an arrest warrant against cartoons Mexico alex pie rojo

for copyright Astrohouse and my signal Colombia

programming my great and fantastic sasquatch chapters youtube

Colombian prosecutor

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