Kunzite-Spodumene Edit

Ahhh, where do I start with this ship, I don't know.

So first of all, this ship DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE. People were shipping Lapis and P-dot even before "Barn Mates", which made even less sense. Inb4, when Peri was still on Homeworld's side, I did not understand how people were shipping them. Like, HOW??? Peridot wasn't interested in Lapis at all, and so was Lapis! I mean, Lapis wouldn't like Peridot, nor fall in love with her. While Peridot probably didn't even know the term of "love". In "Barn Mates", Lapis just stopped hating Peridot that much, SHE DID NOT FALL IN LOVE WITH HER.

Now, about art. Most of Lapidot art does not really make that much sense either. Lapis being out-of-character makes way less sense, like, AFTER ALL THOSE MONTHS OF BEING TRAPPED UNDERWATER, DO YOU THINK SHE WOULD BE ALL THAT OPTIMISTIC AND CRAP AND DO SOME NONSENSICAL THINGS WITH PERIDOT? No. She is traumatized by being trapped. Twice.

About Peridot. She mostly is portrayed as some kind of dominant one in the couple, but why??? Peridot would probably try, but Lapis would be just irritated by that. Peridot wouldn't get that much interest in Lapis either, even now. She would probably try to be friends with her, but not to flirt with her.

About community, Lapidot shippers often call their community "Lapidot Hell", which is quite correct.

Them fangirling all over the place, making people pissed. Jeez.

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