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Okay, so I love libraries. BUT I HATE LIBRARIANS! They always act like the own the world or something. Like, seriously. Just give me my book and stop acting like you're king of the universe. UGH THEY'RE JUST SO ANNOYING. Last year me and my school librarian got into an...incident...and this is pretty much what happened:

So I got this book, right? Well I read it, and all was good. Unfortunately I forgot to take it back when it was due, so I got a note during my English class reminding me that I had to turn in my book the next day and pay the 5 cent fee. But I forgot it again! I got another note that said I had to turn it in the next day and pay a 10 cent fee. Luckily I remembered it the next day. But for some reason, I got another note. I thought it was just a mistake, so I ignored it.

Bad idea.

I kept getting notes from the librarian, and I kept ignoring them, because I KNEW I already turned in the book and I already paid the fee. But the notes kept coming, and the fees kept going up. That wasn't even the worst part. My ENGLISH TEACHER, who was my favorite teacher, was getting MAD at me because she knew I wasn't turning in the book, even though I already DID.

One day I got a note that said I had to turn in the book and pay a 90 cent fee. I finally decided I should go talk to the librarian about it, so at lunch, instead of eating, I went to the library. I showed her the note and said that there was obviously a mistake because I already turned in the book, and you know what she did? She looked me straight in the eye, and said in a really mean voice, "I don't make mistakes. Turn in the book first thing tomorrow or else."

Well, being the emotional person that I am, I went to the bathroom and cried. Eventually I got over it, but I wias still scared every time I saw the librarian. My mom said I should go talk to the librarian again, but I was still scared, because I was convinced she was a witch or something.

Well, I kept getting notes, and soon the fee was over a dollar. I finally decided to go ask her about it again, and she did the same thing. "Miss, the library does not make mistakes. Just admit that you lost the book and pay the 20 dollar replacement fee. No one likes a drama queen." Like, seriously? Can't you at least CHECK to see if the book is there? Because, news flash, IT IS.

This happened a few more times throughout the year. By the end on the year, my fee was up to 3 dollars. On the second to last day of school, she called me into her office. I had to stand in line behind a bunch of other kids who had lost their books. Finally it was my turn.

"Hello, sweetie. What's your ID card number?"

I told it to her. She looked at her computer screen.

"Okay sweetie. Where is this book?" She told me the title.

"I told you, I turned it in already. There must be a mistake or someth-"

"Sweetie, stop being such a drama queen. The library has never made a mistake. You need to turn in the book tomorrow or pay 20 dollars or else you will not be able to graduate."

"Can't you check?"

She stared at me with her evil eyes. "I will have one of my assistants check. But you're just wasting our time. The book is not there, Miss, and you know it. So just admit that you-"

Just then, her assistant came up with the book. She stared at it. Then she stared at me.

"Well!" she said cheerfully, smiling at me. "Why didn't you tell us that it was here! If you had just told us that you turned it in we wouldn't have this problem! Next time just ask them to check! Blahblahblah, I'm not gonna admit I was wrong, blahblahblah, I'm always right, blahblahblah."


Ugh. I hate librarians. Not just my school librarian, I hate ALL librarians. I mean seriously. Everyone uses the self-checkout anyway, so why are you even here? Ugh. I hate it.


I had a sub librarian before in first grade and she wouldn't let us check out any books because she said we were to noisy and too immature when we just walked in, and then I asked if I could get a book to help me research on snakes, but then she was like, "NO LISTEN TO THE RULES AND SIT DOWN ON THE FLOOR. NOW." So then I was like, "But the project is really big and-" "NO BACK TALK, YOUNG LADY! SHUT YOUR MOUTH AND SIT THERE." So our entire class just sat on the floor and she walked around with a book marker making sure we just sat there. Heck, we couldn't even look around!

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