Pookieluv Edit

I have always had really dry hands, and in the winter it gets even worse. My skin cracks, and sometimes my hands will start randomly bleeding for no reason. Even if I wear mittens, it doesn't help (and besides, who wants to wear mittens in the middle of California anyway?)

Well, the only solution is lotion. But the problem is... THERE ARE NO LOTIONS THAT WORK. If I ask a worker dude at the store where the lotion is, he will show me the place where they have the fancy, pink, fake lotion that smells like 'flowers' and 'ballerinas'. But the fancy, pink, fake lotion that smells like flowers and ballerinas doesn't work. It actually just makes it worse. If lotion smells really strongly, that's how you know it will not work. The only lotion that has ever worked is the clear lotion that smells like a doctors office.

So anyway, I ask Mr. worker dude if they have any lotion that actually works, they don't.

So, I try to find some prescription lotion. Unfortunately, they're not allowed to give prescription lotion to minors. Seriously? It's not drugs, it's just lotion. The tests say that I need this lotion. Give me this lotion.

So, every night, I put on Vaseline. It's gooey, smells horrible, and it's disgusting, but it's the only thing that works. I put on Vaseline, then I put on plastic gloves so that Vaseline doesn't get on my blankets and make my room smell like crap.

I just want some nice, quality lotion that's not pink, that doesn't smell like "country chic" or "pink chiffon", I want one that smells like "hey your hands are healed can I hear a woop woop" or something of that sort. Is that too much to ask for?


I mean, lotion's okay I guess. It makes your hands soft. But it makes you feel like there's goop on your hands (and I really freaking hate having dirt or anything on my hands) if you don't rub it in good enough, and I never seem to be able to rub it in good enough. Ugh. It would be fine if that weren't an issue.

Mew The supercool ! Edit

Lotions are not a bad thing. I actually like them a lot! But I have one freaking problem with it. It's the fact that you wear too much lotion, it feels like your hands are soapy. And when I try to wash them off, it makes me feel even more uncomfortable and disgusted.

Vaseline is a really helpful to me (The petroleum jelly one). Sadly, a small bottle costs too much.

TechnologyPookie Edit

Lotion is okay, I guess. But I don't like wearing it around my lips when I go to sleep. Vaseline smells like nothing, and the stuff they sell at Bath and Body Works are all scented and smell like old ladies. Except the ones they sell for men. I don't want to be smelling like flowers as I HATE bodyspray too.


To be honest, I really love lotion. Well, the homemade ones, at least.

The lotions I buy in stores smells like fresh air blowing inside a freshly built, newly made cabin filled with roses and flowers. Yes, they smell good, but they don't really work, and that's what I'm trying to go for here.

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