Mary Sue is a generic name for any fictional character who is so competent or perfect that this appears absurd, even in the context of the fictional setting. Mary Sues are often an author's idealized or flawless self-insertion. They may excel at tasks that should not be possible for them, or they may upstage the protagonist of a fictional setting, such as by saving them. They may disregard previously established aspects of the fiction such as characterization and natural laws. Mary Sue is a type of stock character.


A example of a Mary Sue

Stampy Cat Fangirl12345Edit

Alright, if there is one thing I hate, it's got to be Mary Sues. What is a Mary Sue, you may ask? A Mary Sue is an OC who is pretty much "perfect". They are annoying and is exactly like a prep but worse. Here are some examples.

Diamond Pearlsparkle is the most popular girl in high school. Everyone loves her! The teachers, the students, everyone! Except for all the girls who are jealous of her. She hates girls because they get in the way of her beauty. All the boys are in love with her, and she is currently dating 282 boys. When she cries, everyone tries to make her feel better! She lives in Hollywood and is popular there too! Everyone loves her so much, they envy her a bit! She has beautiful rainbow hair, eyes that sparkle like moonlight, and she is just beautiful!

See? A Mary Sue right there. Oh, and they always add big breasts to Mary Sues, and make everyone else look boring. See what I mean? If it is an OC to a Fanon, they ALWAYS, are dating a character, or they make there Mary Sue the protagonist. Its so annoying. And they make there Mary Sue look like an alien, by adding so much makeup, and fancy stuff. And creators always defend there Mary Sues like, "Stop saying she is a Mary Sue! She is perfect! You are just jealous!" Like, UGH! THE WORLD DOES NOT REVOLVE AROUND YOU!

TechnologyPookie Edit

I hate Mary Sues, like a lot. They act like preps on CP but are way more prissy, bratty, etc. Example of one I made up:

Bella Mae Hollister is the most popular girl at New Penguin City High! Everyone love love loves her! EVERYONE IN THE UNIVERSE! She even won Miss CP since she was newborn, she's that great!

When shes upset, everyone wants to make her feel better! She is currently dating 938746787657487657487637876437847654738476 boys! She has beautiful cocoa brown hair, green eyes that sparkle like the moonlight, and she's just SO FAB!!!!"

That's a Mary Sue. I, like Pookieluv know either one or more Mary Sues in real life, I know a few. To keep safety, I am censoring names with some names that start with the same letter as their real name. 

There's a girl who's name is Jacqueline. She thinks she's the show of it all. She is a suck up to the gym teacher, always gets good grades, humiliates others, teachers love her, guys mourn over her, etc etc.

There's another. Her name is Inocencia. Her mother is a teacher and has loads of money, is rude to others, a backstabber, makes fun of what others wear, AND GETS GOOD GRADES?! HOW COULD THE TEACHERS NOT SEE HER BEING RUDE?! WHAT THE HELL!?

Another! I actually had a Mary Sue once! It was a TDI OC and her name was Noelle. Her desc. was that everyone loved her, she was Heather's BFF, I shipped her with Noah, Duncan, Cody, just about every male contestant under the sun. She also was a moviestar, model, completely perfect and was extremely rich.

Wow. I was a stupid idiot back then.

Pookieluv Edit

I don't really do fanons, but I know A LOT of Mary Sues in real life. There's always that one girl at school who everyone loves and she thinks she's perfect and she always gets good grades and all the boys love her and all the teachers love her - like, can't you guys see that she's completely FAKE? Completely fake.

Finlaydoespotatoes Edit

Mary Sues...annoying as heck. They are like so popular and such showoffs and everything is there's. Everyone loves them, according to them. Here is an example -

Ella Smith is the most popular girl in high school. She lives in a mansion in Bollywood. Everyone in the school loves her and she is dating 45678909876543234567876543345676678987654567898765456789876545678765456789876543567876543234567898765434567898765432345678987654345678987654345678909876543212345678909876543212345678909876543245678987654345677654567654567654567876776545677654345678876543456776543456765432345678983776543234567898765432345678909876543234567890987654323456789098765432345678765434567898765434567898765434567876543456786543456765456765436654565456546685465655 boys right now.

VikaTheSchoolRougeGirl Edit

I've seen a lot of mary sues. I remember that I made a mary sue OC once, and you know WHAT IT WAS? IT WAS A PPG OC THAT HAD A H*LL LOT OF MONEY AND HAD ALL THE FREAKING POWERS. crawlinginmycrawl

Anyways, when I saw that mary sues are horrible, I tried to make OCs that are not mary sues. I tried so hard.

Mary Sues are annoying.

And I saw a mary sue in real life. Her name starts with E, but I'll not tell her name. She thinks that she is better than everyone and thinks that she's the nicest person in existence. BITCH PLEASE. She's annoying as h*ll too. She always tries to teach me "a lesson" just because I am not as "perfect" as her. She gets good grades, everyone likes her, teachers like her, and she gets a lot of respect but they don't see that she's annoying as h*ll.

Oh, also I saw one more mary sue IRL. Her mom works at bank, she has a lot of money, she has a lot of friends, people like her, she even tried to go on a DATE with one of my classmates. She does not get a lot of good grades though. Well, she is a bit nicer than the other one. Her name starts with K.

There's also a mary sue in my class. She is the most annoying one. She is actually pretty rude to people, but SOMEHOW, most of my classmates like her, although my friends think that she's like pain in the butt. She pushes other people for no reason, she humiliates others, etc. AND PEOPLE LIKE HER, AND SHE GETS GOOD GRADES. Jeez.

Well, about mary sue OCs, they are annoying. But less annoying than IRL mary sues. Thanks for reading.

MontyDays Edit

Speaking of Mary-Sues, here's a story I will tell you about a Gary Stu:

There is this guy named Victor (no I won't tell you who created him to avoid any drama happening), who is in love with an actor/mailman named Jamie (you already know who he is if you've watched SU before), he is sweet, loves to roleplay, and is a fan of the Crystal Gems however, he is violent cause he assaulted Kevin just for getting near Jamie and him.

Is he a Gary-Stu you ask? Well ofc yes cause he is a drama king, and his creator doesn't just ship him with Jamie, he also ships Victor with Jerry (from Rick and Morty), and a celebrity.

I would also tell you that Victor's creator has many Gary-Stu Steven Universe/Rick and Morty OCs.

Godamnit, Mary-Sues and Gary-Stus are so fucking annoying that TV Tropes had to make pages about it! Good grief!

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