Pookieluv Edit

The food is WAY overpriced, there's pretty much no seating, there's popcorn all over the floor, ugh, I just HATE them. I would rather wait a few months to get the movie on DVD than go to a movie theater. And I also hate that, every time I want to hang out with my friends, they always want to go to the movies. Come on guys! Don't you wanna actually DO something? We could go to the beach, make cookies, heck, we could even go to Disneyland, and you choose the movies? You don't even talk during a movie! Ugh. I HATE them.

TechnologyPookie Edit

Now, I LOVVVEEE Movie Theatres, however there are SO MANY THINGS I HATE ABOUT THEM!

Food Edit

Literally crazy overpriced. 10 dollars for a small nachos and a soda?! I can get the same thing at the snack bar across the road for 5 dollars! That's too expensive, JUST FOR SOME FOOD. I mean, it's not diamonds or something from Dubai, it's just something you put in your mouth, and it will be in the toilet soon. It's just chips and melted cheese. For 10 dollars. -_-

People there Edit

I am going to see "Alvin and the Chipmunks - The Roadchip" with some friends, and we're really excited, but I'm talking about THE ANNOYING PEOPLE.

I went to see "Big Hero 6" with my mom last year, and this boy kept kicking my seat! I got up, and said to the mom "Hey, I'm trying to watch the movie here so can you please get your kid to STOP kicking my seat?" and the mother was clueless as all mighty hell. She was like "Is your daughter talking to ME?" to my mom. My mom said yes, and the mom pointed to the boy beside her (not the one kicking my seat), "Is it this boy?" asks Stupid McClueless here, I roll my eyes and say "NO! IT'S THIS BOY!" And she tells him to stop kicking, and 5 SECONDS LATER HE KEEPS ON DOING IT! WHAT THE HELL?

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