Nicole the Mary Sue

She drew her mary-sue OC cosplaying as Mao from "GJ-bu". The irony is frightening.

VikaTheSchoolRougeGirl Edit

Hello there, and today I am going to rant about one of the worst people of the PowerPuff Fandom - NICOLE PIE.

If you didn't hear about her, here's her account on DeviantArt:

Nicole is a drama queen, she cries about """haters""", she harrasses people and she tells people to kill themselves. She also will hate you if you'll make an OC that'll have some elements from her OC, Nicole, like cat ears, long blonde hair, pink eyes, white sweater, etc.

If you haven't heard about AntiPPGNet blog, then here's the link:

AntiPPGNet blog has talked about Nicole and has posted her """artworks""", that are literally дерьмо извращенца, that needs to be reported for child porn, because Nicole draws her OC with PANTIES seen, and powerpuffs are 5-7 years old. Sadly, AntiPPGNet is not posting Nicole's """artworks""" anymore, since the mods of the blog thought that they have mentioned Nicole too much, and think that they are focused on her only.

I used to like Nicole, before I realized that she's a horrible person.

Nicole Antunes's OC is a mary sue, it has a lot of """kawaiiness""" and is so """sugoi""", that I want to vomit.

Also, her white knights are like, 9-11 years old, and their OCs are literally the same as Nicole's.

Nicole has shipped her OC with Jeff the Killer, Eligah(Elena PPG's OC) and Mike the Hunter.

She also said that her OC Nicole is the sister of the RowdyRuff Boys and Ben Drowned.


She also uses bases and does not credit the people who made the base.

Well, I dislike her a LOT, that I literally would put her """art""" in the trash can. She could use her talent on something more than PPG.

Well, thanks for reading.

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