You know those moments when you're trying to inspire yourself to make a book, you switch on your television, and search through Cartoon Network to look for ideas on how to succeed in making one?

Well, I give you the worst plots, the worst characters and the worst ideas.

Introducing PINY: Institute of New York! A Spanish animated series about romance poop and mean girls and filthy cliches that could make you suffer the moment you lay your eyes on it.

What should I complain about first? I don't know, there are a lot of things wrong with this show.

1 - The Aimed Viewers Edit

I honestly hate it when the viewers are aimed at a particular gender.

Like, when people think girls can't play with robots or when boys can't use barbie dolls or stuff like that.

It's offensive when all they think is that this is purely what people like, and that they hate everything else that isn't related to girls with rainbow hair long enough to touch their butts.

This is a rant dedicated to my friend, who was bullied by idiots because he likes "pink".

2 - The fact that it's in CN Edit

I don't think something as crappy as that should be in CN. Like, what the heck?! Originally it was in Disney Channel, but now they buy it and sell it to a network meant for all ages. Crap. No wonder 3 year olds prefer CN than Nick Jr.

That show is like Dora but with angry girls. I don't know why a user would prefer watching that than the other cartoons. She's obsessed with it. She can't stop talking about it. When I tell her what's wrong with it, she slaps me and yells death threats at me. It's that bad, and now it's about to get a terrible fandom member.

2 - The Characters Edit

The ridiculous name of the main character is killing me in the inside.

"Michelle Fairchild" Edit

My gosh, and I thought her personality was bad. This is the kind of girl that would kill a professional writer in seconds like a nuclear bomb. What about for the sake of their safety, let's make a cliche list!

  1. She's adopted. Another crappy plot idea that was overused, and was an excuse to make an episode.
  2. Has pink hair. No other explanation needed.
  3. Her wikia profile is more detailed than the others and it sucks.
  4. New girl and is already loved by everyone. Sad.
  5. Name is a noun.
  6. Suspect to popular girl bullying.
  7. Oh wow princess girl and has a crush triangle huhuhu
  9. oH wOw EvEn ThE tEaChErS lOvE hEr HuHuHuHuHuHuHuHu
  10. "She's better than all of you in any talent, so frick off, students who actually spent their lives studying and practicing their way into going into valedictorian. It's going to be Michelle because teachers favor students." Michelle os rubbish because iene isnt like julia só yeah

"Julia Cooper" Edit

When blondes were always described as bad to cringy in films, I've never thought that they would take it to the next level. Technically, she's the alpha bitch of the show. She's has most of the tropes it could have: The Narcissist, The Drama Queen, The Fashionista, The Attention Whore and The Proud Beauty. Never seen so many tropes with one character? At least you haven't seen through it deeper.

Somehow, she has two people always following her like so, and bullies new kids for no freaking reason. Why that kid? Why not aim for the people who are just as popular as her? Why not be a unique character and have a specific reason for it to be like this?

Then again, she's "Julia Cooper".

There is nothing in this paper mario. Julia Cooper os te neste i love ter talent everthing

3 - Terrible Voice Acting Edit

Talk about terrible voice acting. A male character sounds like he was voiced by a female. There‘s nothing wrong with that but the fact that the voice actress tries so hard to make her voice deep is cringe. The characters always sounds like their noses are blocked. Their voice also sounds so stiff.

They also use phrases like "WHAT-EVER" and other offensive stereotypes. Their laughs are horrifying too. I swear, even when the TV is off and when I close my eyes, I can hear their voices laughing through my head like the Joker.


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