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VikaTheSchoolRougeGirl Edit

Hello there guys, it's me Vika, and today I am going to rant the PPG FANDOM.

Yes, I went that far to rant a whole fandom, and I am still a member of a PPG fandom, which is kinda ironic. butiammovingtootherfandoms. slowly.

Well, let's talk about the mary-sues OCs, not their creators. We are gonna talk about them later.

OCs Edit

Most of PPG OCs are mary-sues, their elements are animal hats(mostly cats), long sleeves, and..stockings, I guess? Also don't forget about trainers and cat/dog ears and tails! Also some weird short dresses or long shirts, that can not cover the underwear, and also cutiemarks on the shirts/dresses. 80% of PPG OCs have absolutely no backstory whatsoever, although, some PPG OCs, or how they call them "puffs", have backstory, or just bio.

Puffs are mostly shipped with literally every male fictional character. The examples are: Jeff the Killer, Ben Drowned, Ticci Tobi, South Park characters(mostly Kenny), Boomer from the RowdyRuff Boys(they appeared in the s


One of the worst and of the most popular people of the fandom - NICOLE ANTUNES/NICOLE PIE/NICOLE GEARSY drew her OC cosplaying as a character of an anime



how in two episodes), Brick from the RowdyRuff Boys, etc. They even shipped their puffs WITH ANTI COSMO FROM THE FAIRLY ODDPARENTS. WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT.

They also draw their puffs as """kawaii""" as possible, they add so much sparkles that you're not sure about their eye color. They draw their OCs wrong, by "wrong" I mean that their anatomy is wrong, even for a puff. Like, seriously, why would you draw your OC with a small torso and very long legs? THAT'S NOT HOW IT WORKS. And puffs' feet are NOT flat, they are ROUND. Also creators of OCs draw their puffs' hair with a WOOD TEXTURE. BECAUSE OF THAT THEIR HAIR LOOKS UGLY. DON'T USE WOOD TEXTURE FOR HAIR, SERIOUSLY. DON'T. Also, they draw their puffs' legs wrong. By "wrong", you know what I mean.

The Creators of Puffs Edit

The creators of puffs are very rude to eachother when they saw someone """stealing""" their OC's design, when they have nothing in common. Also, the creators of puffs can become sad in less than a second, because "u wer r00d to dem!!!11!1!" Then, they start to whine about their """depression""", and they will talk shit about you and they will spread rumors about you. Some of PPG artists can even to tell you to KYS, which is clearly immature and illegal. And, they won't even redesign their OC because they want it to look like it, while the others don't want.


The White Knights(I'll call them TWK), are the worst. If you gave a PPG artist a critique, then you know what? You're right, the TWK will say that you are "jelos!!1!", "hoples cow!!!1!", etc. They'll use billions of emoticons/emojis to describe their rage. And they'll talk shit about you too. They'll tell their friends about you, and how much of a "horble" person are you. THEY DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW TO BLOCK YOU. They'll also comment on every your artwork, they'll say that it's "sh**T!!!1!", "dum!!11!", "u wer r00d to [insert ppg artist here]!!111!", "wow dis is st00p1d!!!11! xDD", etc. They are pathetic.

Excuses Edit

There are some PPG artists that actually make good OCs, that have bios, backstories, they don't have these cat ears and other things like that, and they are very mature. Some of them are: Brashgirl901, iiCreamyPastel(she's my fav), GeoffNET(he's actually a male), ITBluebeadTI, iPPG, etc.

Well, thanks for reading.

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