so you all go to school right.. i have classes. AND i hate everyone. you see im really wired, i yell random stuff at lunch. and i watch anime when everyone else watches 'Minecraft Diaries' and such.


I was in art class and we were doing a parody of 'American Gothic' so I drew my OTP, (i will not mention them because nobody will get it..). and they HAPPENED to both be guys... so after about 2 days of work. I submited to the art teacher and because it wasn't some kind of food..... it was hung up in the hallway.

EVERY TIME ANYONE SAW IT, THEY LATER CALLED ME ' Shipping Trash' 'Yaoi Fangirl' and some.. OTHER...things, but then SOME kid asked, "Brianna, why are they blushing" the little girl said. so this 'Brianna' Chick said, "Because that YAOI *F*g over there made them". at this point, I just run off to the art room and request for it to be taken down. THANK GOD IT WAS.

One time i was in school and some girl in my class just took my marker WITHOUT ASKING and pretended it was HERS but luckily i wrote my name on it , and now that girl HATES ME even tho SHE WAS THE ONE WHO STOLE MY MARKER ! i hate her >:(

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