Golly, you only look at that comment up there, it's stupid. Jeez, these "xD", I freaking hate it.

VikaTheSchoolRougeGirl Edit

Okay, so now we are going to talk about people that compare other people to Hitler. Like, seriously, why? How is a person that harrassed/bullied you is worse than Hitler? Hitler has killed millions of people with his armies and gas chambers, and etc. He is one of the worst people of the freaking history. SO HOW A RANDOM PERSON IS WORSE THAN ADOLF HITLER?! Just because the person harrasses/bullies you does not mean that they're worse than ADOLF HITLER. Saying that the person is worse than Hitler is like saying that a water bomb is worse than an atom bomb - IT'S STUPID. IT'S COMPLETELY DUMB. I already know one person on Google+ that said that one of my friends is worse than Hitler just because they[my friend] are aggressive. THIS IS FULL IDIOCY. I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY PEOPLE EVEN COMPARE OTHER PEOPLE TO ADOLF HITLER, HITLER IS ONE OF THE WORST PEOPLE OF THE HISTORY, ARE YOU TOO LAZY TO READ ABOUT THINGS HE HAS DONE?! PEOPLE DIED BECAUSE OF HIM, THE PERSON THAT HARRASSED/BULLIED YOU IS LITERALLY AN ANGEL WHEN THEY'RE COMPARED TO HITLER! Thanks for reading.

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