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Hi there.

Well, today we're going to talk about some SU fans that hate/dislike Peridot.

Well, if you don't like her, then get over it.

Well, about people who complain about Peridot. Before "Catch and Release" she wasn't overrated, everyone called her "Green Space Dorito", people were making MLG memes with Peridot, and she seemed to be a normal minor character. In "Catch and Release", she gets poofed and bubbled by the CG's, finds out that her limb enchancers weren't parts of her body. Back in temple, Steven lets Peridot out, finds out that she is pretty small, she fools Steven and escapes, but the CG's saw her. They try to catch her again, but she hides in the bathroom. Meanwhile in the fandom, everyone starts to say "wowee shes a pericat!".

In "When it Rains" after Steven explains Earth's workings, including rainstorms, to Peridot, she decides to tell him more about the Cluster. The forced fusions attacked them, but then the CGs came and saved Steven and Peridot. In the end Peridot wants to tell the CGs about the cluster.

In "Back to the Barn", she calls Pearl "a pearl" in a kind of racist way, they fight, and then Peridot apologies to Pearl. Meanwhile in fandom, everyone's like: "boo! peri is racist!!1!", "FREAKING BECCTH DONT SHE DAR TO OFEND MY BURD WIEF" and etc. In "Too Far", Peridot gets carried away with Gem gossip and reveals something about Amethyst that unintentionally hurts her feelings. Meanwhile in fandom: some people ship Peri and Ame, some people start to hate Peridot.

In "It Could've been Great", Steven and the Gems need the Cluster's exact location, so they travel to an information archive on the Moon to look for it. Peridot steals the communicating gem thing, Steven sees it, and in the barn, he with Peridot enter the car, he asks her about Yellow Diamond, he fools Peridot and locks her in the car and asks her what did she took from the Moon Base. Meanwhile in fandom: nothing changes.

In "Message Received", Steven becomes devastated and doubtful in Peridot after she steals a gem communication thing from the Moon Base, which she uses to contact Yellow Diamond. Peridot pisses YD off by saying that she shouldn't destroy Earth for Cluster, and then she calls YD a clod. YD becomes furious, but then Peridot turned the gem communicating thing off, Steven bubbles it, and Garnet punches it off at the sky, and it explodes. Peridot becomes a CG. Meanwhile in fandom: people call YD a giraffe because of her long neck, some people hate Peridot because she became a CG, and they want her to die, to leave, etc.

Well, about the people who complain about Peridot becoming a CG: Jfc YOU wanted it, you got it, get freaking over it, you morons. I don't a give a crap about you saying that Peridot should've not become a CG, YOU - fans of SU wanted it, YOU got it. Get freaking over it. Don't like it? - Then don't whine about it, don't give a crap at least. The most of fans wanted Peridot become a CG, and then, you've got it - she became a CG. Now it'll be this way, and don't whine about it, you hypocrites. Thanks for reading.

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