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I'm pretty sure most users know the show, "Peppa Pig." It's pretty much a pig called Peppa who does stuff. Even though its a kids show, it absolutely SUCKS. First of all, it teaches kids bad stuff. For example, Peppa tells Dadsy Pig, "Daddy, your tummy is BIG." Really? It's not funny, it teaches kid to be rude to adults. Second of all, all of the character's design is HORRIBLE. All they look like are two circles, and stick arms and legs stuck onto it. Really? The voices are also really annoying, and the animation is horrible too. All of the characters are whiny and have no personality. Especially all the babies. Every single thing, they cry about it. Lets say, Peppa takes a block from George. How does George react? WAAAWAAAAWAAAAA!!! It doesn't even look like he is crying, all it looks like is sticks coming out of his eyes. The narrator won't also SHUT UP. Lets say Peppa digs a hole. This is the narrator. "Peppa is digging a hole." Um, hello! We have eyes you know! I also hate how the show focuses on only Peppa. For example, the narrator says, "Peppa loves jumping in muddy puddles. Everyone loves jumping in muddy puddles!" PEPPA, THE WORLD DOES NOT REVOLVE AROUND YOUR OPINION!

TechnologyPookie Edit

Peppa Pig is really weird. I never liked it, even as a small little baby.

It teaches kids bad lessons, like befriending a spider, or saying "Daddy, your tummy is big!". Want an example?

An episode of this show was aired in Australia where Peppa makes friends with a spider. It was banned because they were encouraging kids to make friends with spiders, because 'spiders can't hurt you', when in reality the spiders down in Australia are venomous. Yeah, you hear that PP people?! V-E-N-O-M-O-U-S!

George never shuts up. Say Peppa takes a toy car away from George. "WABABNABNBANBANHAHHAHAHAHAAHHHH!"

Nor does the narrator shut up! Let's say Peppa is playing Dress Up. "Peppa is playing dress up." We have eyes, you know! We're not idiots!


Most things about the show irritate me, but I think the fan base is just toxic- having seen their wiki once- and the anatomy of the pigs/all of the animals is completely off. Every animal looks like a circle walking on twigs for legs. It just doesn't work.

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Peppa Pig is a toddler's show that I used to like as a little kid. But some things about it really SUCK.

There was this episode banned in Australlia where Peppa made friends with a spider. It was banned in Australlia because there are some REALLY DAMN DANGEROUS SPIDERS THERE!!!!!!

Also, George is a bit dumb. He is cute, but he gets upset over the littlest things. For example, Peppa takes a toy away from George, he goes "WAWAWAWAWAWAWAWAWWAWAWAWAWWAWAWAWAWWAWAWA".

John Sparkes, the narrator, never shuts up either. For example, Peppa jumps in a puddle, he says "Peppa is jumping in a muddly puddle". Um, hello? WE ARE NOT FRICKING BLIND!!!!!!!!! Jeez...

Also, he says "Peppa loves jumping in muddy puddles. Everyone loves jumping in muddy puddles". NOT THE WHOLE FREAKIN' "PEPPAVERSE" HAS THE SAME OPINION AS PEPPA!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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