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PPG&MLP-Rule! Edit

Ok, before I start this rant I just wanna make this clear that I am not talking about the game, I am talking about the people who play Pokémon GO. Now, I'm not talking about the long-time Pokémon fans that actually play this game or the people who actually want to try the game. I am actually talking about the 'fake' fans that play Pokémon GO only for popularity in this rant.

Ever since Pokémon GO came out in Summer 2016, it has become popular. Many people had start to play it, even the people who didn't know or even like Pokémon to begin with. Those kind of people are really bug me. They act like they've been hardcore fans to begin with, when really, before Pokémon GO came out, they were actually the people who've been bulling people about liking Pokémon! As a long-time Pokémon fan it is really annoying! When the game became less popular over the following winter, those people stopped playing it and start bulling Pokémon fans again! It's really annoying that they're only playing it and pretending to like it for popularity! Also, one more thing to add, there are litterally people who play the game who break the rules of an area (littering, etc.), trespass places, and get themselves and maybe others hurt (not watching where they are going) just to catch a freaking Pokémon! Seriously, it's just a game!

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