Derpy Hooves' ApprenticeEdit

So, you know that agency that wants to destroy pookies and all? Yeah? Well, I'll tell you what I HATE about them. First, they kill any user that's a pookie. See anything wrong with that? No? Well, first, those users are controlled by REAL PEOPLE. You're putting stress on them, and I'm not sure if they die completely. They can always come back. And apparently they bully pookies. Seriously? Like I said, they're REAL PEOPLE behind the screen. What if you caused them to commit suicide and you were the person behind it? It's a crime to do that. A ton of pookie haters from that agency keep killing me over and over again. Do you think I care about that? No. You're putting too much stress on me, and that's very rude. So, please quit trying to kill my penguin and mind your own business. I have better things to do than get annoyed by your stupid little "agency" that apparently exists.

YourTypicalWeirdo Edit

To be honest, it's just plain childish to bully someone for roleplaying something you don't like and even "killing" them over it. What's even more childish? A whole frickin' agency dedicated to it! That is just plain ridiculous. Can't you just ignore the pookies? You know they're real people, right? They could resort to self-harm! Can't the haters just ignore the pookies, and the pookies ignore the haters? It would be just fine if that happened!

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