Good lord i hate pookies. And i don't give a damn if the admins like pookies. I thought CP was a kids game. I guess it's ok to let breastfeeding go on. Yes breast feeding. They also say things like "Get's in tum tum" Which is the grossest thing i have ever heard of ( Also penguins hatch from eggs and dont come out of bodies.) Also it is unsafe for children who do it. If a 9 year old girl is a pookie and someone adopts her. How is she supposed to know that the person adopting her is younger like 7 or something. Or a MUCH MUCH older person like a 26 year old. And you are gonna tell me that is ok? Also CP sorta supplies this. For example Operation blackout 2012 and 2017 CPR revival. The beach was turned into a medical center. So pookies and preps used this to PERFORM PREGNENCIES! But of course im gonna get something saying "It's just roleplaying" But this "Roleplaying" actually isn't supposed to happen on a game like CP. CP is where you are supposed to play games and have fun. So when people are just having fun these "Roleplayers" Or CP Community Guidelines obliterators. Randomly act like divas and bully others for no reason.

In 2014 I was harassed because i went into a pookies igloo.

In 2014-2016 My friends on CP were bullied by pookies and when i told them to stop bullying my friends i was kicked from the server.

So thats why i think pookies are the mold on the shower curtain of cp. Bye-Code7000andDouglas

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