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A lot of you probably know about the Rage and Rants Wiki. Our admin, YourTypicalWeirdo, created it. Without my permission.

Basically, it's just THIS wiki - but swears are allowed. Stupid, right? Especially after I was the one with the original idea and I was the one who took hours making this one - just to have a crappy copy come in and steal my users.

I tried to get YourTypicalWeirdo not to make the wiki, but she didn't listen. And the only credit she gave me were some TINY little words at the VERY bottom.

And the worst part? Every single time a new user comes in a tries to join this wiki, YourTypicalWeirdo goes over to them and is like 'oh, by the way, this founder doesn't like swearing, so you should join my wiki instead.' Just this morning we had a user join who was eager to begin editing and ranting and who was excited - and now they are a member of the Rage and Rants Wiki.

No, wait, that isn't the worst part. The worst part is that there are users on that wiki that come to THIS WIKI, copy my pages, and put it on the Rage and Rants Wiki. THAT. IS PLAGIARISM. YOU. COULD. GO. TO. JAIL. FOR. THAT.

I'm actually in the process of demoting YourTypicalWeirdo. And if she continues to steal my users, then I will block her as well.

Update: Good news! Wikia says they'll delete the wiki.

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