Derpy Hooves' ApprenticeEdit

Okay, I admit that I'm a satanist, but I absolutely hate how other religions treat us like cal. Most say that satanism is about abuse, neglect, and murder. But in reality, satanism is actually about free will and equality. I absolutely hate it when people think they know about satanists. But actually, they're complete idiots. Why? Because they hate you because of being a satanist. Just because I treat Satan as a teacher doesn't mean you should harass me for it. I mean, seriously? In my opinion, your Bible is as heinous and ludicrous as the way you were educated. Do you really think a book can save you? You really think restriction is a good thing? Oh, just because I didn't get married means that I can't have kids. Oh, just because I'm an atheist means I burn in hell. Oh, just because I committed suicide means that I don't go to heaven. Do you really think your species is superior to all other species? Actually, you just proved your species even worse.

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