Derpy Hooves' ApprenticeEdit

This character really makes me mad. First of all, apparently, she gets to do whatever she wants but others don't. For example, getting 3 billion views, which is supposedly the entire population of Club Penguin. Seriously? And not to mention the creator copies others' ideas. Because that's totally allowed. And she claims that she's the only Rosetta. Wow, that is NOT true. The character in said is very likely to be a Mary Sue, being a able to discriminate others, thinks she's the only Rosetta, and gets all the views while others don't. I've seen worse, but I can very much see that she is a Mary Sue.

Pookieluv Edit

I completely agree. It seems like every single character on the Pookie Fanfiction Wiki is a 'famous singer' or 'famous actress' or something famous. Barely any of them are even pookies. It's a wiki ABOUT POOKIES, guys, so stop filling it up with random famous people who are apparently the most famous person ever. They don't belong on that wiki. (PS - the photoshop is really bad)


I am the creator of Lucinda Sofia Ephron. And I'd like to say that Rosetta is a carbon copy of Lucinda. I can prove it too! Lucinda was created like 5 minutes BEFORE Rosetta ever was! And not only that, the creator repeatedly steals my ideas over and over again. And look at the photoshop here. I can do way better than that. Here is the gallery of CP customs I did on PicMonkey. Atleast I put some EFFORT into them!

Not only that, I know I said before the creator copies my ideas, but he copied the idea of Lucinda having a baby shower. How is he not blocked?! I mean, where does he get his ORIGINAL ideas from? A box of cracker jacks?! Oh wait, he has NONE! I could go on forever about how much this character pisses me off. And not only that, she has 4 children, and shes abusive to them all. Like, if this was real life she would be arrested. Now don't go overboard like "OMG TECH ITS FICTION BWHAHAHAHAHAHA!" NO! Child Abuse is a CRIIIIIIIIIIME, fictional or not. If I was the creator of her, I'd put her in jail. I mean, just... UGH! I feel that Rosetta was made just for cringing.

Bottom line, I say Rosetta Rebornica Schmidt Hollister is a Mary Sue, up, down and all around.

...But it does not stop there!

Here is a list of things the creator copied from me:

  • Pheobe Cook (who is a Lindsey Blackstone 2.0)
  • Lucinda's baby shower
  • Lucinda excelling in arts and acting
  • Lucinda's daughter, Tamara
  • And the list just goes on and on...

PixelMiette (Tech's new account)Edit

This character seriously makes me angry. Think of a drunken, white-trash, abusive version of Nicki Minaj, with a tatoo. That's Rosetta in a nutshell. She's a literal Mary Sue. Don't know what a Mary Sue is? A Mary Sue is a character that is literally perfect - everyone loves them, they have no flaws (but if they do, they can be seen as 'cute' or 'no big deal' like 'not being able to play the banjo'), etc. In Rosetta's case, it's a different kind of sue. She can do whatever she wants, but others can't! Is she secretly a dictator or something!? 

The creator, who will remain nameless, has copied my ideas numerous times, and will LUNGE at you with poor insults if you give him ANY constructive criticism on his perfect little OC.

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