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So basically, I was at school and at my school we have to walk on the left hand side of the stairs. I walked on the right hand side and the teacher was like "FINLAY!!!!!! STAND IN THE CORNER!!!!!!!!!!!" and then this girl called Kamini walked on the right and the teacher was like "Kamini, please walk on the left". DON'T I GET THE SAME FLIPPING TREATMENT????? SCHOOL IS UNFAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SCHOOL SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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why does this exist.


yeah but make it not so boring. also no homework. we want to enjoy time after school. ack.

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Okay so I love all my teachers and classes and friends and stuff, but school can get SOOO annoying!!

  • I hate waking up early to go to school
  • I hate running in PE. They make us do 3 and a half miles in 30 minutes! And they give you an F if you don't finish!
  • I hate my math class. I love all my other classes, but I HATE my math class
  • All the teachers are so obsessed with us getting into college likE I'M THIRTEEN YEARS OLD DOES IT LOOK LIKE I CARE
  • They give out detentions WAY too easily. My friend had to go in for detention during lunch AND after school every day for a whole week just because she turned in her science project a few days late. And the reason she turned it in late was because she was in the hospital getting her FOOT AMPUTATED.
  • Oh, and the school lunch sucks. They make you pay way too much, and it's pretty obvious that all of the cheese, meat, eggs, and milk is FAKE.
  • Here's my rant about the librarian.
  • Ugh, and the dress code.
  • Homework. Way too long. I almost never get to hang out with my friends anymore. Sometimes the only time I ever see them outside of school is during summer break.

And so, that is why I hate school.


I have so many rants about school, but most of them aren't relevant. I'm going to post just a few...

  • School is for kids to enchance their skills, imagination, creativity and knowledge. School these days are just all about Math, and other subjects that we don't even need when we take up our career. 
  • The school system is exceptionally flawed, too. Why learn tons of nonsense everyday when it's going to take you nowhere at all? My suggestion is that the school system is where you could choose a career path. For example, if I choose an art career, then I just learn about art and colors and techniques all day. I also get to learn the best places where I could get a job as an artist (the one on paper, not the one who poses in front of the camera).
  • I don't have to wake up at freaking 5 am just to go to school.
  • Snack times and Lunch times are not fit for our needs. Why take a break when you'll be brought back into the classroom five minutes later? 
  • Why do we have to go to the fifth floor just to get to class? It takes all our energy and we are not motivated to start the day anymore. (At least the view makes up for it.)

Well, at least we have holidays very often, classes are often suspended due to us being located at the Typhoon Belt, and we are near the beach. If we don't have anything to do anymore, we can just go there and hang out. 'v'

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I don't hate school in general, but some of it is just so annoying. Let's get this first things first.

  • PE. They make the poor fifth graders run a mile in ten minutes and for fourth graders in like fifteen. Our field is HUGE and I doubt 6 laps is just a mile. What's even worse, in my grade, they make us do more and less time, I almost always throw up and once nearly sprained my ankle. Even if you're really sick, you still have to run a mile if you don't want an F.
  • Unfair treatment. So I was telling one of the kids behind me who was staring into to space to pay attentuon and then the teacher yells at me, "(MY NAME)!!!! PAY ATTENTION!" Like what the hell? Can you not see the other person behind me?
  • Drama. Everyday. Drama. The school is divided into two sides, each side having a leader. Some kids like me want freedom and break away from both. They took away soccer, handball (okay idc about that), literally, yet most of us don't even cause drama! No matter what, it doesn't stop.
  • Popularity. If students don't consider you "cool," they exclude you. You sit eating alone, because they make room for other "cool" kids. If a super popular girl or boy tells his or her followers to tell a lie to a teacher, they follow. If you aren't popular, you can't do anything fun with them. You literally need to be perfect to join, which is look pretty, be super smart, and athletic. What the flip?


The only thing I like about school is getting to see my friends.

These are the things I hate.

  • PE. All it is in my school is running. Even if you're sick, you HAVE to run. My gym teacher won't even let us have water breaks! That's just a sin. And another thing. We played basketball, and I sprained a finger a day prior, and guess what? I HAD TO PLAY, NO MATTER HOW MUCH PAIN I WAS IN. WHAT THE SERIOUS F***?
  • Videos!: In Grade Primary (Kindergarten), my class watched a Franklin movie. I didn't like it, but I HAD to watch it. I couldn't sit out, or do anything. I HAD to watch it.
  • Annoying classmates: One of the people in my class drives me insane, asking me weird questions and looking over my shoulder and looking at my drawings, which I don't like people doing. Like, can you get off my back?!
  • The lunches: OH MY GOD! MY SCHOOL LUNCHES ARE AWFUL! The cheese pizza's cheese isn't even melted all the way and it tastes like rubber! EWWW!
  • Unfair treatment: In Grade 2, someone that sat in the corner wasn't paying attention, then someone right out of the blue said "Gretchen isn't paying attention!" and then the teacher's like "GRETCHEN! PAY ATTENTION!" like what the frick?
  • Times: We have to wake up at 6:00 to go. Honestly, I'm tired as mighty hell, and I always have to endure my parents screaming. Why?
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