Artgurl3232 Edit

Note: Artgurl3232 is a Wikia user that has been banned by Wikia even though she is innocent. She will still be posting rants on the wiki, and she will tell me what to write. If you would like to talk to her, please tell Pookieluv what you would like to say, and Pookieluv will contact her.

You all know what serving sizes are, right? Well, they are the amount of food you are SUPPOSED to eat on the nutrition facts thingy on the back of almost all food items. And no, a party size bag of chips is not a serving size (but admit it, you do eat the whole bag). Instead, the serving size is 11 FREAKING CHIPS! WHO IN THE RIGHT MIND WILL EAT ONLY 11 CHIPS! And don’t even get me started on frozen mozzarella sticks. My mom bought them once, and when I looked at the nutrition facts (don’t judge me), the serving size was ONE MOZZARELLA STICK. I AM NOT JOKING HERE! LOOK IT UP FOR YOURSELF! SERVING. SIZES. ARE. FRICKING. AWFUL.

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