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Okay. You guys probably don't have any idea who the heck Shii Ann Huang is. Well, you know the reality show Survivor? I LOVE that show. Shii Ann was a contestant on it a few years ago, and I'm currently re-watching one of the seasons that she was on it. I. Hate. Her.

I'm gonna give you guys a little backstory on how the TV show works. Basically you start out as three tribes, and each tribe works together to try to beat the other tribes in challenges. There are two types of challenges. One challenge is called a Reward Challenge, where the winner gets a reward like food or blankets or fishing equipment. There's another challenge called Immunity Challenge. The two tribes that win the challenge are safe, the tribe that loses has to go to Tribal Council, where they have to vote for one of their members to leave to island.

Okay, back to Shii Ann. Shii Ann is, well, very annoying. Weak. Unhelpful. And she always wears her hair in pigtails. Literally, everyone else on her tribe is out fishing or cooking rice or making alliances, and she just SITS THERE on the beach, waiting for someone to tell her what to do or waiting for someone to give her food. She doesn't make any strategic moves, she just waits for someone to tell her who to vote off. And the worst part? THIS GIRL MADE IT TO THIRD PLACE? Like, HOW did she not annoy the crap out of her tribemates?

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