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Pookieluv Edit

First, let's get one thing straight - I love Spongebob. The old episodes, that is.

See, I'm going to tell you a story. Once upon a time, Spongebob was good. Great, actually. It was entertaining, it had cute characters, and it was hilarious. There was humor for all ages. My older brothers and sisters - college aged kids - could be found laughing at the witty, clever jokes. My younger brother, 7 years old, was chuckling at them. My parents - in their forties - laughed at the jokes. Like I said, all ages.

Around 2005, they decided to make a Spongebob movie, which was awesome. They planned to end the series there - all the writers retired, lalala. But Nickelodeon didn't agree. They wanted the series to keep going, since it was so popular. So then... they hired new writers. Dun, dun, DUN.

No offense to them, but their writing sucked. Bad. The jokes weren't funny at all, the plots were unorganized and boring, and the characters were annoying and stupid. Take Patrick, for example. Sure, he's a dumb character in general. But before, he was dumb in a funny and cute sort of way. Now, he's just plain stupid. And Spongebob - they turned him into an annoying, immature child. Squidward is the worst - in the old episodes, he didn't really like Spongebob, but he still cared about him on the inside. Now he's just a mean, grumpy, old man who hates everything and everyone. There was even an episode where he tried to kill himself. Really? This is a childrens show!

The episodes are gross to. Some of them make me want to throw up. I can't even go into detail, they're so disgusting. I am a teenage girl. I am not a 7 year old boy. Now the show is aimed towards stupid kids, not teenagers and college-students, like it used to be.

So, in conclusion - I used to love Spongebob. I still love Spongebob - but only the old episodes. The new episodes? No thank you.

DoctorWhooves Edit

I tried. I really did try. I tried to watch the new episodes, and they're just plain awful. Luckily they still show some of the good episodes on Netflix. They're too detailed, with Spongebob's expressions...too expressionate. I know that sounds silly, but it's true! There's a slight borderline in kid's TV. If it's toned down, the kids can relate to the characters, but if it's over-the-top, kids probably can't relate, and they're making the plots of each episode too complicated, too hard-to-understand and I just can't come about to watch Spongebob anymore.

XxObjectShows4LifexX Edit

I never loved this show, nor will I ever learn to. My mom hates this show too, so we aren't allowed to watch Spongebob in this house. And even though I only watched one episode, it's HORRIBLE. So it's basically a stupid yellow sponge who wastes his life going, "AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA." Then his even more stupid friend Patrick, who spends his life trying to learn the difference between cans. Literally, one episode is where Patrick tried to do that. How is this funny? None of their jokes are funny, I cringe instead of laughing. I even get headaches from watching this show, that's how bad it is.

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