Pookieluv Edit

  • The stuff there is WAY overpriced. 6 dollars for a coffee that you could easily make at home for free? No. Just no. 4 dollars for water that has berries floating in it? Seriously? No.
  • The stuff doesn't even taste good. I mean, seriously. The only reason people like it is because other people like it, and apparently EVERYONE has to be EXACTLY THE SAME to be cool now days.
  • The stuff there is addicting. My friends drink Starbucks every day. It's like drugs. You're addicted. BEING ADDICTED IS NOT A GOOD THING. If my friends don't get Starbucks every day, they cry. They try to kill themselves. NO. JUST LIVE WITH IT.
  • Coffee is stupid anyway. Hot chocolate is much better, and hot chocolate doesn't make you super hyper. Some people are like 'I can't wake up without coffee'. Um, have you tried an alarm clock? Ugh.
  • Starbucks are LITERALLY everywhere. I can't walk 30 feet without finding another Starbucks. There are Starbucks EVERYWHERE
  • They are super, super crowded. Are you really so desperate for coffee that you actually want to wait in line?
  • The workers at Starbucks suck. They're always so mean, and they look at you like you're stupid. Can't you smile for once?

So, yeah, that's why I hate Starbucks.


Okay. For one, I actually admire Starbucks. But there are some things I don't really like about it.

  • The employees are cool. They seem like really nice people. They usually get my name wrong, however. It's at its worst when the name they write is of the opposite gender's. 
  • The food is highly overpriced, but I guess it's because it's high quality. I'm cool with that, but if I'm going to spend P150 for a slice of cake, I'm going to make my own.
  • Starbucks is very rare, especially here in the Philippines. The only place where I can really get Starbucks is nearly 30 miles away.

Yeah, so, that concludes my not-so-angry rant.

Mew The supercool ! Edit

Starbucks.....Hmmm. It's not a bad place after all. The stuff taste good and all, but it's too overpriced. Who would pay about 65 rupees for a cup of coffee? So I don't go there unless my friends force me to. They are really rare in India so I'm neutral.

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