Steven and Peridot

Nothing romantic about this! Just Steven being friendly and helpful to Peridot!

I hate this ship!! It is disgusting and is pedophila!

People just seriously WHY. This is disgusting. Why would you ship a child and adult?! But wait, I know what your thinking: "But gems are ageless and Peridot is short like a child." That doesn't matter! Peridot is BIOLOGICALLY OLDER than Steven! Peridot is biologically an adult! I mean the only reason why you ship them in the first place is because of her height! If Peridot still had her limb enhancers, would you ship them still? I mean think about it! In real life, you wouldn't ship an adult dwarf with a child would you? 

And in the show, Peridot and Steven don't even show romantic feelings for each other! They both don't do anything romantic with each other so WHY SHIP?! They both seem to have a close friend/sibling relationship. So if you ship them, ship them PLATONICALLY (look up the definotion on google if you don't know what it means)!!

Now don't get me wrong but, I do think Steven and Peridot are really good friends and I do ship them PLATONICALLY, but I think the romantic shipping needs to stop. It is really disgusting and there is no sign of them being romantic to each other. The only reason why people ship them is because of their height! They are really friendly towards each other so why not just ship them platonically?

Gallery Edit

See? Nothing romantic here! They're just being friendly and helpful to each other.

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