Pookieluv Edit

Okay, I don't actually hate tests. Tests are great. They determine your grade, and they're very important. What I hate is the pre-tests.

To me, pre-tests are completely unnecessary. It's basically just wasting an entire class period doing something that you're going to do AGAIN two days later. They're pointless! And they don't even grade you for them! If I'm going to study TWICE, you better give me an A+ TWICE.

And they're boring, too! I'm a really fast worker, and when I finish something in one of my classes, I have nothing else to do for the rest of the period. Usually I just have to sit there and re-read a book that I've read a billion other times.

And I HATE it when the teachers come around like 'did you check your work?' WHO CARES. YOU'RE NOT GOING TO GRADE IT ANYWAY.

Derpy Hooves' ApprenticeEdit

What even? When I took a subtraction test, I did a strategy that included adding, and the answer was completely accurate, and then my teacher marks it as wrong! And when I did a question right, the teacher marked it wrong! And on my writing test, when I put in the CORRECT answer, she marks it as wrong! I said that its was to show ownership, and that is what it was supposed to be, and said, "I'm sorry, you have bad grammar." Excuse me? You're the one who has bad grammar!

TechnologyPookie Edit

Despite I excell in math, science etc. I HATE tests. At my school they don't even grade them 91% of the time. And when we did tests last year, my teacher (who was my favorite) made us do timestables like 47x36 at the top of our heads, like seriously?!

Mew The supercool ! Edit

Basically we have assesment tests at school everyday. The school also states that these tests count for our National exam grade too. True? NOT.

But on the brighter side, I study something Each day because of tests.

Finlaydoespotatoes Edit

Tests are so boring. Especially the math tests. Sometimes, in tests, they test us on thing we haven't even learned yet. LIKE WTH!!!

XxObjectShows4LifexX Edit

I our school's test is pretty unfair. My right now teacher actually grades it, unlike my past teachers who just go, "Yea you did good job 100 A plus." Or be rude and be like, "Ew your writing is so horrible. Look class, don't write like her!" And when I tried to take a short cut, they would mark it wrong saying it was a lazy way, even though I got the right answer! What in the world?

Not only that, back then, my mean third grade teacher would make all of us grade each other's tests. If you made an honest mistake and accidentally mark it wrong, you get benched all recesses, no extra recess, and you get a slip home to be signed by parents.

Renegade Enchidio Edit

Tests are boring. They're sometimes just too easy, and they're sometimes just too hard. And one time, my teacher told me not to speak at all or I'd get an F on my test. I was learning about ansonance or something like that, and the teacher told us to say it out loud if we were not sure. She caught me and gave me and F. Tests are unfair, what I'm saying.

I also don't know why they have to have the county test at March/April instead of June. At the end of the year is when they wake up our brains to get us prepared for the final test.

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