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His OC Victor and Jamie dancing

Hello people of the internet, MontyDays here, and this is a super serious and intellectually critical rant, 'cuz today I will talk about one of the worst people of the "Steven Universe" fandom - The-Last-Uniraptor.

If you don't know him, he is a Deviant (a person from Deviantart) who draws fandom stuff of his OC with popular animated TV Shows and sometimes celebrities like Rick and Morty, Steven Universe, and Jacksepticeye.


Read the text that is encircled.

He has a problematic environment and personality cause behaves like a Sans fangirl, but instead for Jamie (from Steven Universe), a few of his artwork involve his OC Victor doing romantic stuff with Jamie, the pissy thing here is that his artworks also involve his least favorite ships becoming Anti-Stamps, such as Dewmie, Kevamie and Jamzuli, he is also a selfish fanboy who behaves like a Sans fangirl, since he attacks people who have different shipping opinions on Jamie, as he puts in the description of his deviations "JAMIE IS MINE!", he also told people who ship Kevin and Jamie to suck his ass.

Him insulting a fangirl (keep in mind that the fangirl in this photo is sane unlike The-Last-Uniraptor).

He also can't even handle the tiniest amount of criticism that people give him! Which explains why he disables comments in his deviations.

He is not just a Jamie fanboy, but also a major hypocrite, edgelord, fudanshi and bully. (as for the bully part, he once called a Kevamie fangirl stupid).

He's also a Gruntchovski wannabe cause he wants his art to look gory and scary af but fails that shit.

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He also traced art from Amphibia, which means he's lazy to put effort in his drawings for some reason (see the two images below).

He also makes bad rants, because his reasons for hating on them are stupid and not sufficient enough.

  • In his "Dont Kill Me.....BUT I HATE JENNIFER LAWRENCE" journal, he hated her just because she looks older than Katniss.
  • In his "Dont kill me but......I HATE K-POP (Rant) OMO" journal, he insulted the looks of the Seventeen members and hated them just because they have the same haircut.


  • Lastly, in his "WHY KEVINXJAMIE SUCKS! (SU WORST SHIP)" journal, his last pointer for not shipping them is that he says "Kevin is and will always be the worst Steven Universe characters", not even calming down in this part. He even wanted Kevin to die even though he's just a fictional character.

Hey! The-Last-Uniraptor! Everybody does not always revolve around your opinion! Remember that!

It also seems like he's one of the people who harassed Nicorii and Zamiiz since they're both Steven Universe fans to the point where one of them attempt suicide.

He also fails to make satirically funny memes, mostly the one wherein he insults Chinese people on Chinese New Year because of the Coronavirus.

His OCs are also Mary-sues since they are trying too hard to be edgy and cool but fail, especially Barkhat/Victor, and they have little-to-no backstory at all.

Speaking of which, he attacks or threatens anyone who fucking criticizes it for good reasons or so!

This isn't the end of the rant just yet.

  • The-Last-Uniraptor did not just ruin the Steven Universe fandom, he also ruined Super Smash Bros., The Owl House, Gravity Falls, Hazbin Hotel, as well as the entire Nintendo and Cartoon Community! The worst thing is that he insulted Chinese people all because of the Coronavirus!

He also could be making fake stories such as K-pop stans making fun of him, implementing his Mom has died, and that his family hates him, including saying that one of his relatives bully and abuse him.

He needs to be banned from Deviantart as soon as possible, same goes for Jamison1209 (for wanting her haters to get the Coronavirus as well). ('cuz wishing death upon someone is bad).

Personally, I dislike him because of the way he behaves. And what I asked myself is, will he ever change?. Maybe he should just get off the internet and get counseling for once.

This is the end of the rant, and no, I am not hating on The-Last-Uniraptor, I'm just saying that there are clearly many things wrong about him.

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