Playful Kitty Edit

I am sure you know what a toatser is. It is an object used to toast things. But they take soooo long!!!! TOO LONG! I also hate it when they go off randomly. See, when I was fixing breakfast, the toaser popped up and i spilled everything!! And they have theese crumb trays to clean!! They also are always too hot an I need to put the toast on a napkin for minuets...

Pookieluv Edit

Toasters never get the timing right. Sometimes I'll toast something, and it will be burned, even though I only set the time for two minutes. Then, the next time I toast something, it will barely be cooked. So I'll put it in again, and it will come out burned. Even if you put it on the exact same time every time, it will always come out burned or under cooked.

Toasting bagels is the worst though. They have a bagel button, where it (supposedly) only cooks one side, but it never works, so my bagel is cooked on BOTH sides. Seriously?


I hate that if you set a toaster even a small amount too high, you'll get bread that's completely burned to the point where you can hammer a nail with it successfully. But if you set the temperature a bit too low, you'll get something that looks like it never got toasted at all.

DoctorWhooves Edit

I'm making toast at the point of writing this, and I have to say, it's not working. The toaster is, but the heat isn't... I either get a pile of ashes or... Bread. At least if it's burnt, I can smother it with butter, and if it's not cooked, I'll just make a sandwich and be on my way.

Mew The supercool ! Edit

Toasters suck. Toasted Bread tastes worse than normal bread and I've burnt my finger TWICE while using a toaster. Another thing I hate about toasters is the fact that you need to set it at the exact right temperature Or your "toast" is ruined. I eat cornflakes every morning for breakfast now.

Sofia the nightguard Edit

I have a toaster oven, its not as annoying as a normal toaster. It takes a long time, and you have to clear EVERYTHING off the top. So i take 5 minutes WASTED clearing pill bottles off the top and picking them up, when I could be cooking a nice cinnamon bun. Also you leave it open 10 minutes after its done to cool or it blows up or catches on fire as the booklet says.... Then i forget to close it and it gets rusty a bit. A.N.N.O.Y.I.N.G...

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