Pookieluv Edit

For those of you who don't know what a White Elephant or Secret Santa is, I'll tell you. A white elephant is where you go to a party and you bring a gift, and then all the gifts get put in a pile. Then, you all go around in a circle and pick a random gift to open. Sounds like fun, right? WRONG.

The last time I did this, I spent hours making a perfect gift. It was so cute! It was a bag of (homemade) cookie dough, a few little pouches of (homemade) frosting, a tiny little container of sprinkles, and a cookie cutter of a Christmas tree. Then I put it all in a little box and made sure the wrapping paper was nice and neat and I went to the party. When it was my turn, I chose a gift that was in a bag. And do you know what it was? Wires. Just a bag full of useless, tangled, cords and wires. And the person who got my gift? He didn't even care. He was just like 'okay' and he didn't even say it was cool or anything.

Secret Santas are worse though. A secret Santa is where you pick a name (randomly) and you have to get a gift for that person. I did this once, and I got this girl. So I went to the mall, and I got some nail polish, perfume, lotion, and a chocolate bar, then put it into a nice box. When I gave it to her, she loved it. Then, a different girl came up to me. Apparently this girl had drawn my name. And guess what she gave me. A scrap of paper. That she drew a cat on. She said it was a bookmark.

I just hate these. I put so much work into my gifts, and I always get crap gifts in return. I'm never going to one of those parties again.

XxObjectShows4LifexX Edit

What is the point of these games? Just to make people feel bad? I once went to a Christmas party. I was looking for a perfect gift, and I give it away, and I get in return some dead batteries in a bag. What the heck? In my school, we did Secret Santa. I had no money so I simply watched everyone give free each other gifts, while I watched everyone pull out their expensive gifts. I don't want to see your karaoke set, I don't want to see your baker set, I want to enjoy holidays without these games.

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