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This is kind of weird because technically I am a white girl, but I'm talking about the boy-obsessive ones with the smartphones and the makeup and the social media... you know the ones I'm talking about? I admit, I can be one at times. But still, I hate them.

Okay white girls, here's the thing. I see that you have a smartphone. And I see that it has a camera. But when someone came up with the idea of a smartphone, I don't think that's what they had in mind. You see, the smartphone should be used for looking up important information, and, I don't know, making calls? If you're just going to take a crap ton of pictures, then buy a camera. It's not like people actually want to see your photos anyway.

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Social media is another thing. See, no one actually cares about what you write. Oh, you went to the movies? That's great. But I really don't want to see 35 pictures of you standing in front of the same poster. I don't care if you used a different filter every time, IT'S THE SAME PHOTO.

I see that you posted a picture of the latte you ordered at Starbucks. Remember that time when people used to get their food, then eat their food? That was a good time. Now it's the complicated process of getting your food, making it look pretty, making sure there's nothing ugly in the background of your target area, taking the picture from nine different angles, trying out all the filters, trying to decide which filter is the best, deciding just to post every single one and hoping no one will notice, thinking of a witty status update to write under your pic, and finally...FINALLY...eating one bite and throwing the rest away.

Shopping is another thing. You see, I see you at the mall every day. But you never buy anything, and when you do, you never wear it. It just sits at the back of your closet, all lonely, never being touched. You never wear it, not once. But yet you still post a picture of it on Instagram.

Also, I'm confused about this whole 'boy' thing. I understand that you want them to like you, but honestly, I don't think they will look at you any differently whether you post a picture of your friends and you at Olive Garden or not. And the definetly don't want to see it 40 different times in multiple filters.

Also, girls, your friends are not your life. You know those people that you eat and sleep with, the people that are always around you? That's your family. And, like it or not, you're going to be stuck with them for all of eternity. Literally. So why don't you ever post pictures of THEM? I see pictures of you all the time with your best friend at the theme park, but I never see any pictures of your little brother with ice cream all over his face. And I don't mean you, looking awesome, next to your brother, who's looking horrible. I mean JUST your brother. And if you absolutely HAVE to be in the picture, please don't spend 20 minutes trying to look perfect. I'm trying to look at your brother, not you. It's on of the only photos you have with him in it. So don't ruin it by putting your beautiful face front and center.

That's another thing: You have this beautiful face. So why don't you ever smile? All of the photos of you are of you looking like someone just died, or of you making the duck face. I mean seriously. Just smile for once. You'll look A LOT prettier, and knowing you, you'll love that. Besides, like I said, no one looks at your photos anyway. All they do it like it and move on.

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I can be a white girl at times, but thankfully that's really rare. I'm all fine with selfies and all that, but I don't want to see 45 pictures of you and your friends at Olive Garden. I don't care if you used a different filter everytime, it's the SAME PHOTO.

I play MovieStarPlanet and I look at the photos. I see white girls with their faces front and center having captions like "say 123 if u wanna date me" "luv if im pretty <3" or "me" on it. And it's 123 loves. What the hell, people.

Also about MSP White Girls. I never ever see your family in these. I've seen you enough, I'd like to see your little brother with nacho salsa all over his face. You don't NEED TO BE IN EVERY PICTURE. And if you HAVE to be, don't spend what seems like 4 hours trying to look perfect.

Also, just SMILE. All the photos I see are of you looking like someone just died, you doing the "omg what the hell is going on" face, or of you making the duck face. You'll look a lot prettier when you smile. Knowing you you'd LOVE that.