NeonClovers Edit

Personally, I'm not a fan of wiki drama. It's stupid, chaotic, and is just plain dumb. I mean, how can one have drama on the internet? Yes, it's possible, but uh, NEWS FLASH, some people don't wanna hear what kind of drama you're in. I have been in wiki drama fore. Like, several times, and I'll tell you this: It can hurt you if you choose the wrong side, it can make you mad, it can make you sad. Sure, it can be funny to watch, but overall, I think it's dumb. Do the drama in Skype or something, just not the wiki, a PUBLIC website for series!

Pookieluv Edit

Online drama is just pointless. You don't know the person is real life, so why are you fighting with them. Like, the worst is when someone's like 'You hurt my feelings'. Who gives a crap? If you don't like me that don't pay attention to me. Why would you get so attached to someone that you don't even know in real life. How do you guys know that I'm actually a 15 year old girl? What if I'm actually a 67 year old man? You never know!

Topazriel DreemurrEdit

I have been through wiki drama several times, and it's just bad. I was the clueless one who just stands there, and if you've been actually involved in a fight in a wiki, you'll most likely say, "You're lucky, Topazriel, you didn't have to go through this." But, stop there for a second. Seeing your friends fight your other friends is bad enough right? How about not being able to do anything? You want to comfort your friends, you want to give them advice for what they are currently going through, but you can't, because they don't want you to step in and get involved in all the crazy, chaotic drama. Sometimes, I'm afraid I'll step in at the worst moment possible and pretty much ruin everything.

The spirit of the community serves as a foundation for the wiki, and it can collapse at any moment, given the conflict the wiki's people are involved in. That's what I don't want to happen, and what I am afraid could happen when I just step in.

I don't like Wiki Drama even if I'm not involved. It can hurt the wiki's spirit of teamwork, it can hurt the people who instigated it, it can hurt bystanders, and it can hurt friendships.

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