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If you have been in the Zootopia fanbase for quite a while, you have seen one of these people. These people want to see Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps get "married" and "kiss eachother", yet again, you've seen one of these people

Person: Hey, do you like my pre-Zootopian fanfic, it's set in 1980.

Shipper: Does it have WildeHopps in it?

Person: It actually follows Nick Wilde's parents and Nick's childhood.

Shipper: *silence*, does it still have WildeHopps in it?

These people beg for anything WildeHopps; fanfics, art, plushie skits (which are very cringy btw), blogs on tumblr, and many other things which I can't really explain. Everytime you say "WildeHopps is the worst ship", these kids will go crazy.

Person: WildeHopps, in my personal opinion, is the worst ship ever, it's just overrated.

Shipper: wHA did U saY, u kNOW tHAT wILDEhOPPS iS tHE bEST.



You know, there is one type of shipper that is straight cringe

The Canon-kids, these people are the worst, they try to prove that WildeHopps is canon (in the movie), these people will try to prove it with quotes, body language from the characters, and even FANART

Regular Zootopian Fan: Hey um, is WildeHopps canon?

Shipper: Yes, the proof: "You know you love me"

Bryon Howard, the director of Zootopia, told fans on Twitter that it wasn't canon, but some fans will try to get out of the way to try to prove its canonicity.

Note: This rant isn't finished, it's WIP.

Hey I’m making my own rant here. (My name is Pixel btw) I HATE FREAKING WILDEHOPPS!!! The whole movie is directed to be against common stereotypes. The main female and male lead being a couple is a stereotype. Also they are just not fit for eachother. I know many people will argue and say “but they are! They are so cute! Read my lemon fic it will change your mind!” If they were meant to be together it would have been canon in the first movie! Shipper: Explain the mascots at Disney acting like a couple? Well honestly since most of the Zootopia fandom wants them to be a couple the suiters are doing what the fans want. If the actors are not following the Disney rules fire them! Disney might not know about this anyway. If they did they would restrict it. (Possably why Nick and Judy don’t have meet and greets at Disney World and only Disneyland) The reason I found this page is I was looking for a frame of judy’s Full body to use as a reference for a drawing. I was going to find one on YouTube and screenshot it but I found my way to a slutty Nick x Judy porno comic. The Zootopia fandom is full of sh*t.

PPG&MLP-Rule! Edit

I honestly think people who ship Nick and Judy romantically are annoying. Seriously, does one really need to ship every male and female that get along well? Just because Judy and Nick get along really well doesn't mean they like each other romantically, they could just have a simple platonic relationship.

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